The State Bar Council of Uttar Pradesh

UP Bar Council

The Bar Council of Uttar Pradesh is one of the most important government bodies in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is an independent body that is free to take all decisions as per as the 1961 Advocates Act. The body is under the jurisdiction of a greater body which is BCI or the Bar Council of India. It performs several crucial functions like promoting the prosperity of the Uttar Pradesh Bar Association, supporting and promoting law reforms, investing and managing the funds of UP Bar Council, issuing ‘Certificate of Practice’ to deserving law graduates and conducting members for the Bar Council of UP. The ‘Certificate of Practice’ is a must for practicing law in Uttar Pradesh, India. Here, you can also get the Bar Council of Uttar Pradesh Advocate list.up bar council

Bar Council of UP

The Bar Council, UP is one of the significant statutory bodies consisting of professionals who have regulatory responsibilities such as monitoring the legal practice of lawyers, handling enrolment of the state’s law graduates as certified lawyers and taking action against advocates who err in performing their primary duty which is to serve the citizens of Uttar Pradesh. Apart from these, the Bar Council of UP also aims to safeguard the lawyers’ privileges, interests, and rights. It has also taken up several welfare schemes and activities. That can benefit the lawyers who practice law in Uttar Pradesh.bar council of up

The office of the UP Bar Council is available in the city of Allahabad. Its Camp Office is in the city of Lucknow. The phone number of the office at Allahabad is 0532-2420068. The contact number of the Lucknow Camp Office is 0522-2201943. The citizens of Uttar Pradesh can call at the UP Bar Council’s helpline number if they have any question or complaint against any lawyer. For every 2 years, the BCI conducts an AIBE Exam for the Law Degree.

Bar Council of Uttar Pradesh Advocate Listbar council of uttar pradesh advocate list

At present, the number of lawyers on the rolls of the State Bar Council of Uttar Pradesh exceeds 100000. All of these advocates get the right to vote during the election of the members of the Bar Council of UP. If you want to know the names of these advocates. You can go through the Bar Council of Uttar Pradesh advocate list.

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