A Synopsis on Marijuana, the Way it is Used and its Effects

Marijuana – Weed

You may have come across different words such as Marijuana, dope, weed, green, pot, and cannabis; though you are aware it is a drug. Here are a few facts that will show you how it works and the effects of hashish. Most of the people ask that, What is Marijuana? Here, is the detailed information about Charas.

What is Marijuana?marijuana

Marijuana, plainly speaking is a drug received from a Cannabis plant. Though lots of people commonly refer to it as bhang, marijuana refers only to the dried leaves and flowers of the plant. The users of cannabis may use ‘hashish’ coming from the resin of the plan that is the same as gum or hash oil.

How did Cannabis use?

Most people using Marijuana’s smoke it in a joint that is same as a cigarette or in a bong that is a water pipe made at home using old juice or soft drink containers or purchased from a shop. Many people think that bongs are safer as the water makes the smoke decrease the harshness, but actually, the smoking cannabis increases the respiratory diseases likelihood.

How does weed work and its effects

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Using weed always makes you feel ‘high’ and this because of an ingredient called as THC. The weed effects are different for everyone as some may feel very happy, and become very talkative and less self-conscious. On the other hand, some become nauseous, feel sleepy and uncoordinated, and while some may go to extreme levels experiencing a combination of all the effects. Some become paranoid as they make use of cannabis and feel really nervous, anxious, or afraid.

What are the weeds negative effects?

If you used heavily the weeds and for longer periods, there is a risk of acquiring respiratory diseases. It may give you a really unmotivated feel and affect your memory. This may also affect your work, your family relationships and social life.

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Sinsemilla is an addictive substance and it found teens using and receiving treatment, while adults become marijuana dependent. Hashish addiction symptoms are the same as any other addiction resulting is suffering or problems. The symptoms are:

  • There is a need to have an increased amount of hemp to get the desired effect.
  • The withdrawal symptoms happen as the individual abstains from using it for a few days. However, the leisure, educational, social, or occupational activities show decreased participation.
  • Taking Ganja over the longer period or in larger amounts results in trouble decreasing the marijuana use or controlling its use.

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