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Chhattisgarh Bar Council

The profession of law still follows the rules of the Britishers. The legal profession has been following these rules since the invention of the East India Company. Now every state has a separate Bar Council. This article is all about Bar Council of Chhattisgarh Exam, Result, State Bar Council of Chhattisgarh advocate list and more details about the Chhattisgarh Bar Council.chhattisgarh bar council

Chhattisgarh Bar Council is a significant Bar Council of India. Recently there was an issue where the State Bar Council of Chhattisgarh played a vital role. Courts are usually open for 365 days in a year. But advocates started charging against it. Then, they prepared a committee which consisted of five members. Each member is from different State Bar Councils. Chhattisgarh State Bar Council suggested them to arrange this committee so that they can discuss this issue with the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice.

Media get to know about this when JK Gilda, the Advocate General of the State revealed it and discussed this matter with the reporters.

According to JK Gilda, the Advocate General, they have to follow the honorarium system for the junior lawyers. Also, these lawyers need training so that they can start a new practice. At first, this system came into existence in the Chhattisgarh State Bar Council.

Bar Council of Chhattisgarh advocate list

You can visit the official website if you want to check the State Bar Council of Chhattisgarh advocate list.

Usually, each lawyer gets Rs 5000 as the honorarium. Apart from that if any lawyer in Chhattisgarh dies, the Bar Council gives him one lakh rupees and the state Bar Council gives him another one lakh rupees. Though, they increased this amount. This amount is now 3.50 lakh rupees.

A new e-library came to state the law system entirely. Also, it can make different cases as well as decisions online. Apart from that, the State Government has granted 5 acres land in the year 2008-09 in Bilaspur.

Bar Council of Chhattisgarh exambar council of chhattisgarh exam

So, if you want to appear for Bar Council of Chhattisgarh exam (AIBE Examination) or if you are waiting for the Bar Council of Chhattisgarh result, don’t forget to visit the official site of the Bar Council of Chhattisgarh, Here you’ll also get the names, addresses, and designations and phone numbers of all the members. You can also get the Bar Council of Chhattisgarh Advocate List also.

Website: bar-council/statebarcouncil-chhatisgarh.php
Contact Number: 23231647, 23231648
Fax Number: 91-011-23231767
Address Info:
Acting Secretary, BCI,
21, Rouse Avenue,
Institutional Area,
New Delhi – 110001,