The State Bar Council of Assam

Gauhati High Court Bar Association

Bar Council of Assam, a part of the Bar Council of India enrolls advocates, determines all the cases against the advocates. On the contrary, Bar council also takes care of the interests, rights, and privileges of the advocates. High Court of Assam is a part of it. Here, you can info on Bar Council Registration Procedure, the Gauhati High Court Bar Association, Rule 49 of Bar Council of India, and more details.gauhati high court bar association

Bar Council Registration Procedure

  • If you want to apply for the post of an advocate in the State Bar Council of Assam, you have to do it according to the Bar Council’s instructions.
  • At first, you have to submit the form along with other necessary documents and fees of enrollment which comes under the Advocates Act.
  • After that, the office will check everything, and if the Secretary finds any defect, he or she will give you a specific time to correct it. Even if you cannot alter the problem within time, you will not get the refund. If you can fix it, you can appear for the exam.

Bar Council of Assam

You can simply visit the official website, http://www.barcouncilassametc.org/about.php to know more about the Bar Council registration procedure. After visiting this site, you will get an option Enrollment Centre. There you’ll find three options.

certificate of practice bar council of india

  • The first option is Rules and Regulations. You can easily understand that this segment will let you know about all the rules and regulations.
  • Next, comes How to Apply. If you click on that, you’ll get a new PDF. You just have to read it carefully. You’ll get to know everything and then submit your application.
  • The third segment is Forms. This segment has 5 parts including the Application form for enrollment, Rule 40, Certificate Format of the Advocates, I-card Form and Fund Form for Welfare. Get the details of Rule 49 of Bar Council of India from the High Court of Assam.

Certificate of Practice Bar Council of India

So, don’t forget to log in to get all the information. If you qualify, you will get the certificate of practice Bar Council of India. To get the Degree of Bar Council, you need to write the AIBE Exam.

According to rule 49 of Bar Council of India, an advocate cannot practice in any other sector like firm, Government organization, corporations, etc. He has to be a part of High Court of Assam or Guwahati high court Bar association solely. It comes under Bar Council of Assam. If he does the same, they are going to cease his license until he stops it. High Court of Assam and Bar Council info get here.

Bar Council of Assam Website: http://www.barcouncilassametc.org
Assam Bar Council Contact Number: +91-70860-22920
Address Info:
2nd Floor, 
High Court of Assam Old Building,
Guwahati – 781001,