Union Cabinet of India Approves Ordinance on Triple Talaq

Approval of Triple Talaq Ordinance – ٹرپل طلاق آرڈیننس کی منظوری

The Triple Talaq also called as Talaq e Biddat is an instant divorce & talaq e Mughallazah, is an Islamic Divorce which used by Muslims in India. Triple Talaq allows Muslim men can take legally divorce with his wife by declaring the name talaq. It is an Arabic Word of Divorce 3 times in written, oral, electronic form. But the Union Cabinet declares on Wednesday and approves Triple Talaq ordinance of making triple talaq is a punishable offence.

In Parliament, the Ministry of Law and Justice Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad approves the Triple Talaq Bill and announced triple-talaq is an offence. The Triple Talaq Law officially called in India as Muslim Women Bill 2017. It is a Protection of Rights on Marriage of Muslim Women which dilutes 3 contentious provisions.

The 1st change allows women or close relative can file a case. Case can fine in the police station against her Husband for immediate Triple Talaq.

The 2nd amendment allowing her to file the case if her husband comes around later & later they arrive at an agreement.

After 72 years of wait, the Muslim Women Bill get Justice in India. From Now, the Triple Talaq is no more legal.  It is a historic decision approve by Narendra Modi Government. It is an enormous victory for the Women Muslims across the Nation.