Marijuana in India is Not New, Know its Origins

marijuana in India

Weed Legal in India

The issue is about cannabis in India legalizing and the Indian Parliament members are talking about this now for some time. There are some politicians who have extended their support towards weed legal in India. Get to know more about the Marijuana India. The Marijuana in India called it as Ganja also.cannabis in india

In fact, a Patiala Parliament Member, Dr. Dharamvir Gandhi petitioned to ask to legalize the consumption and possession of Marijuana in India. In association with other intoxicants that are non-synthetic. Right now the trade, possession, consumption, and transport of marijuana are banned and are regarded to be a criminal offense.

Legalizing Marijuana in India?

Across the world, more than 18 countries have legalized the marijuana use for medical use and it expected that India will also soon be a part of the legal Weed club.  Though their impetus highlighting the fact of marijuana use for the medical reasons and it may legalize on that ground in India.weed legal in india

Besides, Marijuana India is openly facing the fact as the Member of Parliament and also Maneka Gandhi, the Union Minister of women and child development agrees to marijuana legalizing in a minster’s meeting as a draft cabinet note being examined. However, under the Narcotic Drugs Act, 1985, marijuana consumption and transport, possession, and trade banned and viewed as a criminal offense.

Medical prescription

The WHO listed diseases that associated due to marijuana consumption. It also includes cognitive functioning impairment, lung and bronchitis inflammation, and airway injury, that it has therapeutic effects in curing diseases such as asthma, AIDS, cancer, and glaucoma. It know for research and established for its medical usage.marijuana india

Research has tried to create or find the marijuana health benefits.  In fact, the studies reveal that a Cannabidiol, a marijuana component is successful in offering some chronic pain relief without causing any side effects and there is the Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai associate professor, Naveen Salins, informing that the CBD attaches itself to receptors to produce positive results in the body.

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The therapies of CBD administered to patients suffering from epilepsy. It offers a positive outcome reported as it reduces the seizures incidence. It found that CBD proved to possess the potential for an anti-cancer drug. Marijuana provides a great pain relief after chemotherapy to patients, but the clinical experiments display inhibition of cancer cells growth.

However, it has the reference to marijuana India use dating to 1500 BCE. This document also hails bhang, a marijuana edible preparation that consumed during the Holi festival. In 500 BCE, Ganja suggested for health ailments such as catarrh, phlegm, and diarrhea.

The prominence of Cannabis in India

Despite its illegal produce, it documented such that Cannabis in India grown in Himachal Pradesh villages. The fact cannot deny that curbing the cultivation is impossible as it grown in the Indian Himalayas wild areas. The ‘charas’ created by rubbing the flower resin from the plant that sustains the farmer’s livelihood in the hills. Ganja also found in traditional Chinese medicine. An official publication confirms that marijuana used first by a Chinese surgeon as an anesthetic.

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