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keesaragutta temple

Keesaragutta Temple

The Keesara Gutta Ramalingeswara Devasthanam is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and his Consort Sivadurga and Bhavani at Keesaragutta located in Medchal Malkajgiri District, Telangana. It is 30 km distance from the Hyderabad city and 12 km distance from the ECIL. Get more info like Keesaragutta Temple Timings, Keesaragutta Temple Contact Number, and more details.

keesara gutta ramalingeswara devasthanam

The temple situated on a small hillock. In the festive seasons of Karthika Masam and Shivaratri, lakhs of Devotees can visit the place. You can find Haritha Hotel on the way of Keesaragutta. It provides delicious items with excellent accommodation facilities to the Tourists. It inaugurated by Telangana Tourism.

You find many temples to visit near to it. The famous temple like Laxmi Narasimha Swamy Temple built by Qutub Shahi Dynasty is near to Keesara Gutta Temple.

Kesaragutta Sri Ramalingeswara Swamy’s Spiritual Vision!

Kesaragutta Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is located on a hill in the Ranga Reddy district. Keezaragutta Temple is located at a distance of 40 km from Rangareddy district and 10 km from ECIL. Thousands of devotees visit the temple on Shivaratri.

keesaragutta temple hyderabad

The Legend

Before Sriramudu, as he was going to Ayodhya after Ravana was killed, he was on the hills of Kesaragutta. Lord Rama wants to replicate Shiva Linga for killing Ravana. Sriramudu immediately called Anjaneya and orders him to bring the shiva from Kashi. Without delaying a moment, Anjaneyan jumped out of the sky and went away.

But the time has come for a long time and there is no way to find someone like that. Lord Shiva is thinking of where he is going to be late, and he turns a ghost to Ram. As the forehead passes over, Ramu sang the soul of the Sankara in the area.

Meanwhile, the Anjaneya 101 Shivling on the shoulders and fall down before Rama. Look at the conditions that happened there. Anjaneyan threw the shiva of his own. Rama, who was looking for it, did not get angry and said, “Before the spiraling of the temple, the devotees of the temple will see the Shiva Lingas. Then he will be visiting Sri Ramalingeswara. ”

He also gave the name Kesari as the father of Kesari, the father of Anjaneya. The name given to it has changed over time, and the keystone, key, and keystone.


Keesaragutta Historykeesaragutta temple timings

The God Sri Rama installed a Siva Lingam here to atone for the sin of the killing of Ravana. He chose this attractive valley which surrounded by the Hills & Verdant greenery and ordered Hanuma to bring Siva Lingam from Varanasi. But Hanuman took late to arrive with Siva Lingam. The Auspicious hour was nearing, then Lord Shiva appears himself in front Rama & presented the Siva Lingam for Install. Hence, the temple is popularly known as Swayambhu Linga. Later it named as Rama Lingeshwara Temple.

The Kesaragutta temple features

AD Some sources have suggested that Indraparankaram, the capital of the second Mathava Varma, the famous Vishnu Kundi, who ruled Andhra in the 4th and 5th centuries. The Maharajah performed more than a thousand yagas and spread the empire to the banks of Narmada.

keesaragutta temple shiva linga
keesaragutta temple shiva linga

The main temple is to overlook the west. The main deity of the temple is Lord Shri Ramalinga. This Prathahanaam is built on the face, interior and garbhagala. The swami in the face of the face is seen on the right side of the Parvati and the sight of Sivaganga. On the right side of the porch, Anjaneya, Vinayaka, Shivalingam. On the left side, Vallideadeena Samata Kumaraswamy will be seen.

keesaragutta temple shiva lingam
keesaragutta temple shiva lingam

You can serve as an elder. Nandeeshwara appears in Gambhirudra opposite to this. Rahu’s prayers are also unique here. Devotees consider him to be the father of desires. The Shivalingas are seen on the outside of the temple premises. These are the ones that Anjaneyan thrown out of the lungs. Devotees come here at thousands of Shivaratri Hills.

The Kesaragutta Temple is open from 6:00 am to 1:00 pm, from 3:00 pm to 7:30 pm. You can visit the temple every day of the week. TDT has their hospice for accommodation.

keesaragutta temple
keesaragutta temple

Other temples in Kesaragutta

Sri Nagaswamy Temple, Palagundam, Ramalavam, Shiva Pancharatnam, Seethamavari Cave, Sri Kashi Vishweshwar Temple, Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, Sri Prasanna Anjaneyaswamy Temple, Sri Rama Rama’s feet.

keesaragutta temple hanuman statue
keesaragutta temple hanuman statue




Keesaragutta Temple Timings for Pooja

The list of Pooja details at Keesara Temple. You can not pay any amount for the Keesaragutta Entrance Free, they are providing free of cost for entrance. To get more information about the temple +91 9000277444 (Keesaragutta Temple Contact Number). Here is the list of Timings of Keesaragutta Poojas.

Pooja Name Timings for Pooja
Suprabatha Seva 6 AP – 6.30 AM
Mahayana Poorvaka Rudrabhishekam 6.30 AM – 7.30 AM
Maha Aarathi 7.45 AM
Abhishekam 8 AM – 12.45 PM
Archana & Abhishekam 3 PM – 7 PM
Nivedana, Aarathi, Mantra Pushpam & Pavalipu Seva 7.00 PM – 7.30 PM

Keesaragutta Temple Timingskeesaragutta temple contact number

Here, you can get the Keesaragutta Temple Timings on Sunday as well as the whole week darshan timings info. Better to be available in these timings for Darshan at Keesara Gutta Temple.

Week Timings to Visit
Monday. Morning 6.00AM to 12.45PM
3.00PM to 7.30PM
Tuesday. 6.00AM to 12.45PM
3.00PM to 7.30PM
Wednesday. 6.00AM to 12.45PM
From 3.00PM to 7.30PM
Thursday. 6.00AM to 12.45PM
3.00PM to 7.30PM
Friday. 6.00AM to 12.45PM
From 3.00PM to 7.30PM
Saturday. 6.00AM to 12.45PM
3.00PM to 7.30PM
Sunday. 6.00AM to 12.45PM
3.00PM to 7.30PM

Keesara Temple Archana Seva and Ticket Price for Daily

Pooja Name Cost
Sri Satyanarayan Vratham (Except Pooja material and Pooja)  75/-
Navagraha Pooja/ Archana  75/-
Special Archana  58/-
Upa Devalayam /Sri Swamivari Archana  21/-
Kunmuma Archana Ammavarlaku  21/-
Kasha Khandana  10/-

Keesara Gutta Temple Abhishakam and Kalanyam & Ticket Pricekeesaragutta temple route map

Pooja Name Cost
Garbhalaya Abhishekam  551/-
Swami vaari Kalyanam  801/-
Mahaansya purvaka Abhishakam  801/-
Kalabhairava Abhishekam  75/-
Nandhi Mandapa Abhishakam  301/-
Annaprasana  75/-
Kunmuma Archana Ammavarlaku  21/-

Keesara Temple Anna Dhanam and Ticket Price

Pooja Name Cost
Maharaaja Poshakulu for 50 Members  10,200/-
Raaja Poshakulu for 25 Members  5,200/-
Poshakulu for 5 Members  1,516/-

Keesara Temple Daily Pooja & Ticket Price

Seva Name Cost
Permanent Daily Pooja  1516/-
Permanent Rudra Homam  2500/-
Permanent Kalyanam  2500/-
Permanent Satyanarayana Vratham  1250/-

Keesara Temple Prasadam & Price

Prasadam Name Cost
Abhishekam Laddu – Maha Prasadam  50/-
Laddu – General  10/-
Pulihora  10/-
Vada  10/-
Cover   2/-
Swami vari Sticker   4/-

Keesara Temple Vehicle Pooja & Price

Vehicle Cost
Scooter or Two Wheeler  51/-
Car or Auto  75/-
Lorry or Bus or Tractor  101/-


How to reach Kesaragutta

The Kesaragutta Temple has located 35 km from Hyderabad and 18 km from the ECIL X Road. There are bus services from Kothi to Jubilee Hills Bus Stand.

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For more about the Temple, visit Kesara Gutta

Keesaragutta Temple Contact Number: +91 9000277444

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