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NTP India

The National Teacher Platform is a state platform built to host the OER (Open Educational Resources) and tools for the Teacher Educators in the TEIs (Teacher Education Institutes), Teachers in Schools, and also Student Teachers in TEIs in India. It developed by the MHRD under the Department of School Education. Get to know more about the NTP India, teacher of India and also know more details from the Teachers Portal.

Here, you can find the list of NTP India envisages to provide as follows:

  1. Teacher Training Courses like CCE, Training on Learning outcomes, etc..,
  2. Teaching resources like concept videos, worksheets, lesson plans, mapped to the curriculum.
  3. Provide Assessments for teacher of India, to get their strengths & areas of the improvement.

The materials can access in offline by using their tablets, smartphones, other devices at any time. These materials can available in the contextualized local languages and it mapped to the curriculum.

National Teacher Platform

The National Teachers portal will serve to teachers of India in all states of the School Education. It includes the Upper Primary, Pre Primary, Primary, Secondary & Senior Secondary. All groups, institutions and also the individuals can enroll as a member of Teachers Portal and contribute to the curation, creation, and also use of the resources on the Teachers Platform.

The Ministry of Human Resource envisions these benefits, by building the NTP ( National Teachers Platform):

  • The Teachers of India can access the relevant professional development courses at any time as well as anywhere.
  • Teachers can use the curriculum resources in schools to prepare for the class. Or use it on the teaching purpose, while the Teachers Educators in TEIs can use it to deliver compound training.
  • To prepare for the TET examination, the NTP courses are more useful.
  • Teachers can access their own workspace where they can plan & track their progress which includes performance in tests, courses completed, etc..,
  • Get to know the Logo for Teachers or Teachers Logo from the MHRD web portal.
  • Get more benefits by simply following the below URLs.

National Teacher Platform Website:

Updated on 10/11/2018

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