The most famous Ancient Roman Gladiators

Ancient Roman Gladiators

The Ancient Romans were not so passionate about philosophy and also teaching like the Greeks before them. However, they always sought different ways for making their mundane lives more entertaining. People today would smirk on visualizing a vast audience cheering on as gladiators fight to the death in a vast arena. This is how the present generation feels about the gladiator fights that were so popular in ancient Rome. Despite their short life, the gladiators were among the fascinating personalities in ancient Rome. People would go in thousands to watch gladiator battles, and also some of the highest ranking contemporary Roman elites graced the fights. Next, we discuss the 10 most popular of such Gladiators. Get info ongladiators names, flamma gladiators from here.

1. Spartacus

After fleeing with a group of gladiators from his gladiator school Spartacus and Crixus built a formidable force of slaves. They defeated Roman legions that came to capture them. Finally, Spartacus succumbed to the planned Roman attack. This incident ended the life of perhaps the most famous gladiator among Roman gladiators.

2. Flamma

Flamma was basically the name of a battle of one of the most famous roman gladiators. From 13 years before his death, he had won twenty-one and lost just four battles. Flamma gladiator refused the offer of freedom from slavery several times and also kept on fighting as a gladiator.

3. Commodus

Commodus, the Roman Emperor, was so passionate about performing as a gladiator that he started taking part in public battles. For winning the attention of people, he would make his opponents use wooden swords and also other bizarre antics. These antics were the cause of his death in 192 AD.

4. Crixus

flamma gladiator

Crixus was an accomplished gladiator with great performances against quite bigger fighters in battle arenas. His life as a gladiator ended after he escaped from his gladiator school with some of his fellow gladiators in a bid to abolish Southern Italy. He could not fight against the surprise attack and also died like a hero after the fight against the Roman legions.

5. Carpophorus

who was the greatest aquilan gladiator of all time.

A name that deserves mention among the famous gladiators of ancient Rome is Carpophorus. He excelled as a bestiary. He had a natural talent of fighting with vicious wild animals. His most exceptional performance was when he killed 20 animals in one fight.

6. Marcus Attilius

Marcus Attilius

Marcus Attilius won recognition when he defeated the veteran gladiator Hilarus in his very first fight. In his career as a radiator, he beat many famous names including Raecius Felix.

7. Priscus and Verus

Priscus and Verus were the legendary gladiators. They are famous for their last fight against one another in the Flavian Amphitheater. The conflict came to an end when both stopped fighting as a tribute to their skills. Both of them got the “rudis” for their gesture.

8. Hermes


Hermes is mostly known as an ancient Roman gladiator because of the poem that contemporary poet Martial wrote as an attribute to his skills as a gladiator.

9. Spiculus

Spiculus bolt

Nero was among the admirers of Spiculus. He was the infamous Roman Emperor. Nero awarded Spiculus generously for his heroic wins. Nero’s final wish that remained unfulfilled was to die at the hands of Spiculus.

10. Tetraites

Tetraites, a famous gladiator was famous for his victory over Prudes. Relics of this victory are still available as carving on Glass vessels in England, France, and also Hungary.


These Roman gladiators’ names were very popular among the ordinary people in ancient Rome. The ironic fact was a good number of them were slaves. We cannot deny these iconic figures in Roman history. They were more popular than the aristocratic Roman society.