Top 10 Ancient Greek Goddesses Names Mythology

Greek Goddesses Names

We have heard the tales of Greek gods and their heroics. However, the stories of the ancient Greek goddesses are popular and symbolic as well. Such goddesses had several things in common with the twelve Olympians. Firstly, the place of residence was where the twelve Olympians resided. And just like the twelve Olympians, they had unique powers and the ability to influence specific facets of human life. Below, we have discussed the top 10 List of Greek goddesses names of that time. Let’s check out.


Athena tops this list of Greek-goddesses. She was the goddess of knowledge, reasoning, and intellect she fought in a bid to reinstate justice. The battles that she fought were for defending her state against outside attacks. The fact that the Athenians named the city Athens after Athena showed her influence on human beings.


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She was the goddess of wedding and birth. She was always ready to protect married ladies and preserve the relationship of married couples.


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As the goddess of natural environment and hunt, she had a special place among the ancient Greek goddesses. Her other virtues were the defending of childbirth, labor, and virginity.


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As the Greek goddess of crop and grain, she had a special place among human beings. She was the creator of seasons that were suitable for plantation.


She was the goddess of beauty and love and rightly so. She was the most gorgeous of the muses in Greek mythology. Numerous gods considered her beauty magical and extraordinary. Gods started competing with each other for her, and it became warfare of the gods.

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However, her significance was more comprehensive than a goddess of sex and love. She could instill love and desire in birds and beasts. She also influenced the normal cycle of birth, demise, and rebirth of every living being.


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The Olympians were her descendants. This is the reason we know her as the mother of the gods. You can get more information from Greek goddesses’ wiki.

A story of the ancient Greeks says that she had the courage for saving her children from the hands of Kronos, who was her husband.


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Leto was another motherly figure in Greek mythology. They believed that she was always mild and the most compassionate among the Olympians and cared for mortals and immortals.


Nemesis was the goddess of heavenly retribution in ancient Greek religion. She punished people for their evil acts and unmerited good fortune, and arrogance. She considered too much good to be dangerous and cursed persons who had many gifts.

According to a story of ancient Greeks, she punished Narcissus with death for his arrogance as a hunter and his disregard for his loved ones.


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With her fair skin and youthful looks, Hebe was the appropriate God of youthfulness. The Greeks believed that they could achieve youth with her blessings. They thought that she could restore youthfulness in people.


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According to the Greek legends, Hestia was the goddess of the hearth. Being the goddess of the hearth, Hestia was a symbol of the fire that kept burning in all homes in Greece. She represented the welfare and security of the family and community.


The Greek goddesses’ names in this list had an essential place in the life of people. Their virtues made them appropriate members of Olympian fraternity. They were also the perfect foil for their male counterparts.