India Movement War Started To Bloom from Mind & Heart of Bhagat Singh

Bhagat Singh Movement for Independence to India

In the Indian national history, there were many freedom fighters that fought with the other Indians with only one motif. The objective of the whole Indian movement was to drive out the British colonizers out of the country. In the war between the Indians and the British, there were, however, some important men and women who marked a different era of freedom fighting. These freedom fighters till date considered brave and important to the whole of the Indian freedom movement. Know the Bhagat Singh History as well as know more info at Bhagat Singh Wiki.

About Bhagat SinghBhagat Singh history

भगत सिंह (1097-1931) was one of the most influential freedom fighters amongst all. He and some other of his associates did something which one else at that point in time could. Being a nationalist since a very small age, he was a spectator to the mass killings that went on and was carried out by the British during the British rule in India.

He did not follow the classic Gandhian rule of non-violence and cooperated his own rule of no-cooperation with the British. With the spark of this kind of a movement, most of Bhagat Singh’s followers followed the poli9cies of the man.

A true Indian by heart and willpower

Believing on to the fact that James Scott responsible for the death of many leading freedom fighters of the country, he and his associates planned on assassinating James but mistakenly took a shot on John Saunders who was on probation at that point of time. Bhagat Singh in Hindi textbooks can well see almost everywhere and the students taught of his greatness.

It taught that Bhagat Singh after arrested on John Saunders’s case, he had demanded better prison facilities for the Indian prisoners. If you follow about Bhagat Singh wiki, you would come to know that he went on for a hunger strike along with his cellmate, Das. Das, however, died of poor sanitation and lack of food and water but the fire within Bhagat Singh still burnt in flames.

We get to learn more about Bhagat Singh form the history books and on Indian history of independenceBhagat Singh wiki

Reading about Bhagat Singh in the history textbooks lets us know about the powerful ideas he and his fellow associates shared and how they influenced and actively took part in the Indian freedom movement. It makes us sad to know how he died. It said that in his last years, he put on a death sentence which was to be hung till death.

Being a warrior, he did not have any fear of dying and still died brave enough and still did not bow down in front of the British. Learning of Bhagat Singh biography lets us know the adrenaline punch he had. And how the British later left India, independent.