The Top 10 Goddesses in Hindu religion

Goddesses in Hindu religion

Multiple masculines, as well as feminine deities who have absolute power of the cosmos, represent Hinduism. The female gods embody Shakti or power.  All of them are well-regarded as well as powerful. All of them contribute to the formation, defense, and also destruction of the world. Below, we have discussed 10 Hindu deities, all of whom are the resource of the power in Hinduism. Get details info on Indian Goddess and also know more info at Hindu Goddesses wiki.

1. Durgaindian goddess

Durga is one of the dominant expressions of Shakti. She is among the prime deities that people worship in Dashain/Navaratri, which is among the most significant festivals in India. In AP state, the Kanaka Durga Temple is more famous from all over India. Many Devotees love to visit the place situated in Vijayawada. After killing the demon Mahisasur, people started recognizing Ma Durga as MahisasurMardini.

2. Parvatihindu goddesses

Parvati is another most powerful Hindu goddesses. There are three powerful deities. People know them as Tridevi. Parvati is one of them. Parvati is also one of the most compassionate and also loving depictions of Shakti.

3. Lakshmihindu goddess of destruction

Lakshmi is the renowned goddess of abundance, wealth, and fertility. People worship Lakshmi during the festival of lights, Deepawali.  Besides worldly wealth, she also represents joy, glory, and also the honor. In Dharmapuri, Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple is more famous and also love to visit many people.

4. Saraswati

The Hindu Goddess of knowledge, music, and also learning, Saraswati’s second name is Sharada. During the Saraswati Puja, people wake up at dawn and worship her to get her blessings of knowledge. You can find many Saraswati Temples in India. People also recognize this day as Basant Panchami.

5. Kalikali mathakali matha

Kali is the Hindu Goddess of destruction who frees the soul and offers Moksha. According to Hindu mythology, Kali came to defeat Raktabeech, the demon. You can see her idol with Lord Shiva beneath her feet and Kali with the tongue out. She felt ashamed when she stepped on Shiva, her husband. In Kaligat, Kali Temple is very popular in India.

6. Sitasita goddess

Sita is the embodiment of Lakshmi. Her another name is Janaki because of her birthplace, Janakpur. People revere her for the Agni Parikchya that she gave for proving her honor. That’s because demon Ravana abducted her with the intention of marriage. Sita represents feminine power and also qualities in Hinduism.

7. Ganga

The river Ganga is a popular deity in Hindu mythology. She rose towards heaven to purge the evils of Tarkasur. She came back to earth to clean the sins of the humankind. Disciples believe that a dip into this holy river would wash away all your negativity.

8. Tulsitulsi goddess

The form in which people worship Tulsi is a basil plant, which has remedial as well as mythical significance. The power of Jalandhar was such that the existence of the gods was at stake, due to the devotion and also loyalty of Vrinda, his wife. When Vishnu appeared as Jalandhar before Vrinda, the powers of Jalandhar became null. After realizing her mistake, Vrinda threw herself into the fire to reborn as Tulsi.

9. Kamadhenukamadhenu goddess

Kamadhenu was the mother of cows. Hindus worship cows as the goddess because of Kamadhenu.

10. Radharadha goddess

Everyone knows about Krishna Radha, the eternal lovers. Radha’s other name was Radharani or Radhika. In Hindu mythology, Radha has much higher place than Rukmini, Krishna’s wife. Radha’s immense dedication towards Krishna makes her a goddess because of her union with the supreme.


The Goddesses in Hindu mythology are the heavenly depiction of the cosmos. They along with their male counterparts make the universe a holy place. They have the power to operate the world and also work for the defense of nature. Goddesses protect humanity from illnesses. Each god represents an element of Shakti and the universe.

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