The Most Famous Pirates and their History

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Famous Pirates in History

Several movies and their ideas, thoughts, perspectives, attitudes, and images appealed the American Pop culture. The idea was all about pirates. Many people feel that they had a stylish and lavish lifestyle. However, the lives of real pirates were full of violence and risks. At the time when a generous amount of trade among nations happened through seas, the saline waters were the homes of many pirates who seized every chance of robbing shipping vessels. Despite their existence, the nations choose sea routes to complete their first trade. Get to know more info about the List of Pirates wiki and more details. Here we have discussed the most famous pirates throughout this period who sized their place in the history for their courage, determination, and brutality.

1. Cheung Po Tsai

After becoming a pirate at the age of 15, Cheung Po Tsai progressed from the captain of the notorious Red Flag Fleet to the commander having an armada of 600 ships and over 50,000 men.

He used to hold the post of an official in the Chinese Navy following the fall of ‘Red Flag Fleet”.

2. Ching Shih

Ching Shih was among the most dreaded pirate leaders who sailed across the shorelines of imperial China and the monetary and military success of her ‘Red Flag Fleet’ across China was supreme.

3. William Dampierlist of pirates

His explorations are as well-known as his frequent spells as a strong pirate terrorizing the Spanish colonies around Galapagos Islands, Peru, and Mexico.

4. Koxinga

Koxinga grabs the fourth position in this list of pirates. At first, he forced off from mainland China in 1661. Then Koxinga along with 25,000 people crossed the strait of Taiwan. He continued overpowering the Dutch stations for nearly a year and compelled them to surrender.

5. Bartholomew Roberts Bartholomew Roberts

After getting the invitation of joining the squad on a pirate ship he masterminded several daring loots. This pirate captain plundered nearly 400 ships. He was one of the most famous pirates in history.

6. Heyriddin BarbossaHeyriddin Barbossa

As a pirate, his first base was the region around contemporary Tunisia. After forming a new nation with the Ottoman Empire, Barbossa dealt with the Italian alliance.

7. Anne BonnyAnne BonnyAnne Bonny

She fought and looted under pirate Rackham’s command and built up a close connexion with fellow pirate Mary Read. They were the only ones who resisted the attack of the British navy.

8. Francois l’Olonnais

Francois l’Olonnais has made his place among the famous pirates due for his ruthless and cruel treatment of his foes.

9. Blackbeard

His stint as a seaman in the UK privateer built in Jamaica make him an accomplished robber. After he made himself the captain of a ship and equipped it with cannons he led several successful raids.

His remarkably long beard knotted with black ribbons at the end complemented his violent nature.

10. Edward Low

After leading a life full of thievery and burglaries, Edward Low settled in Boston and started his infamous life. He was a notorious and ruthless pirate.


This list of the most renowned pirates does not contain the names of everyone who deserve a place among these names here. Some of such pirates include Sir Francis Drake, Turgut Reis, Black Caesar, and Henry Every. The life of a pirate was devastating and short. Only those who dared to adopt a criminal life of a pirate cemented a place in history.