Some of the Most Striking and Vital Paintings of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian Paintings

Egyptian civilization was the earliest and the richest of all civilizations. Its artifacts are still famous. The ones that most popular among the masses is the pyramids and also the colossal Sphinx. That time people overlooked the most vital element during the height of this rich civilization. These elements were the paintings of this ancient civilization. These precious handicrafts tell us several stories of the long-gone Egyptian history. Get to know about famous Egyptian art, Egyptian tomb paintings, Egyptian Drawings, etcc., Below, we discuss the best of such paintings that continue to fascinate the visitors while telling the story of a civilization that existed some thousand years back.

1. Ramesses the Great – Battle of Dapuregyptian tomb paintings

Amongst the greatest pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, Ramesses was also a great warrior.

The historians recovered this painting from a pharaoh tomb. It is proof of his great resistance against the Hittite armies of Muwatalli.

2. Battle of Nubiafamous egyptian art

This famous Egyptian art that illustrates the encounter on the southern barricade of Beit el-wali temple is a tribute to King Ramesses as a warrior.

3. Cartouche of Tutankhamunegyptian drawings

Many stories are widespread about the Egyptian pharaoh. The most popular among them was possibly Tutankhamun.

His cartouche portrays his birth and also Egyptian drawings of Sekhmet lioness crushing some ethnic foes with Nekhbet flying above unscathed.

4. The Funerary

There are several Egyptian paintings on the most heralded of events of ancient Egypt, the funerary. This painting shows the happenings during a funerary.

5. The Egyptian Afterlife

Legends of ancient Egypt, the Egyptian deities used to decide the possibility of an afterlife of a person. This painting depicts just that.

6. Book of deathbook of the dead

Modern people consider the book as the end of ancient Egypt as it features texts on the transformation of the dead to an afterlife.

This book features magical spells of very early and also more recent times that theoretically assist the journey of a dead person through the underworld after death.

7. Tomb Paintings

The Egyptian tomb paintings are no less famous and also striking than the renowned memorial tombs, the Pyramids.

This painting that is present in the tomb of Irinefer portrays the departure on his feet in the solar bark as he worships the Phoenix.

8. Egyptian DeitiesEgyptian deities

A great legend of ancient Egypt was the several gods of several religions. This painting that shows the gods Osiris, Anubis & Horus is an example of the succession of the ancient group of Egyptian gods.

9. Mummification in ancient Egypt

Afterlife holds a high place in Ancient Greek mythology and also Mummification was a vital part of this concept.

This painting shows the process of mummification in the Old Kingdom of ancient Egypt.

10. Egyptian danceegyptian dance

According to ancient Greek mythology, dancing was a major event of that time.

Dancing was a vital subject of ancient Egyptian paintings. It shows a specific form of dancing of ancient Egypt. The name of this dancing form is pair dancing.


These paintings are the parts of the art of ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptian civilization molded some symbolic and also enthralling paintings and sculptures that continued to captivate people. What is even more remarkable about Egyptians art is that most of its elements were in one piece for 3000 years without an apparent outside influence. The paintings of ancient Egypt are the symbols of art that feature the most stunning depictions of the wars and the rituals, religions, and also deities of that time. They exist even today and also bring back memories of a long-gone time.

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