10 Major Aztec Gods and Goddesses in History

Aztec Gods and Goddesses

Aztec’ has a mythical origin. It came from Aztlan, and the real meaning of Aztlan was Place of Whiteness. People know this legendary place for the beginning of the Nahuatl-speaking culture. According to one of their inheritances, Toltec warlords chased the Mexica to force them to take shelter on an island. The Toltec warlords got the help of Huitzilopochtli, their patron god, in this endeavor. This was also the island where the Mexica saw the forecast of an eagle’s beak holding a snake. It landed on a bristly pear cactus. It finally led to the foundation of the Tenochtitlan city during 1325 AD. This city is in Circa. Now, let’s check out some of the major gods and goddesses of the Aztec civilization.

1. Ometecuhtli –Two Lordaztec gods

Aztec legends assumed this ancient God of fertility had the dual entity that represented both male and female.

This feminine and masculine side were the symbol of dark and light, order and chaos, and last but not least good and sinful.

This duel gender god was the mother and father of four Aztec gods.

2. Quetzalcoatl –Feathered Serpentaztec goddess

According to the Aztec civilization, he was the god of wind and also rain.  Quetzalcoatl also promoted various avenues that included agriculture, crafts, science, and even merchants.

3. Tezcatlipoca –Smoking Mirror

He was the lord of the night-time sky. He was completely different from his brother, Quetzalcóatl, according to ancient Aztec history. Tezcatlipoca was the world’s co-creator. He was one of the chief Aztec deities.

4. Huitzilopochtli –Hummingbird of the Southlist of aztec gods

He was another major god in Aztec civilization. Huitzilopochtli used to be the ultimate deity of the Mexican individuals. The Aztecs respected him as the deity of the sun and warfare.

5. Xipetotec

The Aztec civilization believed XipeTotec was extremely powerful and also one of the chiefs the gods. According to a mythical narrative, to nourish humanity, he stripped off his own skin. It was a symbol that showed that how maize shed the outer surface before rebirth.

6. Tláloc

Tláloc was amongst the chief Aztec gods and goddesses with a mysterious entity. He was a masked divine who had large eyes and outspread fangs.

Just because of his association with rain and subsequent fertility, the Aztecs started worshipping him as a benevolent god.

7. Chalchiuhtlicueaztec goddesses wiki

Legends considered her as one of the most influential Aztec goddesses. She was the female deity who helped people in finding the right direction. Along with that, she was the god of childbearing and also new-born babies.

8. Mixcoatlaztec god

Mixcoatl was a major god of the hunt of the Aztec civilization. He has an intricate history according to the mythological narrative. Another name of Mixcoatl was Camaxtli. This lord had a connection with Milky Way, heavens and also stars too.

9. Coatlicue – Serpent Skirtaztec gods images

Aztec mythology refers to Coatlicue as a feminine body. She was the mother of the moon, stars, and Huitzilopochtli.

10. Xochiquetzal –Precious Feather Floweraztec goddesses aztec goddesses imagesimages

Aztec mythology has referred to Xochiquetzal as a female deity of gorgeousness, sexual love and also influence. She was also the god of fertility, arts & crafts.

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