The Most Popular Ancient Celtic Gods and Goddesses in Celtic History

Ancient Celtic Gods and Goddesses

A discussion of the ancient Celts went beyond the control of a set of people who used to control some definite areas or realm. The debate is all about a massive and multi-colored culture. They whispered their influence right from the Iberian Peninsula and Ireland to the borders of Liguria in Italy. According to the description of their mythology, they had several chiefdoms, tribes, and also kingdoms. Get to know about Irish Goddesses as well as Celtic Goddesses info here. They had their personal folklores and pantheons too.celtic gods and goddesses

, Celtic myths with its gods and goddesses are a collection of verbal traditions and local accounts that had their roots in the Iberia, UK, and also Ireland even before the Christians. The deities of other Celtic cultures had similar characteristics of the gods of Celtic mythology. This article is all about the ancient gods and goddesses from the Celtic culture of Ireland and Gaul.

1. Ana or Danu/Danaceltic goddesses

According to the myths Ana was the eldest of the Celtic gods in Ireland of the ancient times. The epithet of Ana describes her as the mother goddess. She was also one of the most beautiful and also mature Celtic goddesses who represented nature.

2. Dagdairish gods

Irish Celtic mythology referred to Dagda as the most significant father-figure deity. People worshipped him for his association with agriculture, fertility, weather, and strength.

As one of the Celtic gods and goddesses, he also represented wisdom, magic, knowledge, and Druidry.

3. Aengus (Angus) /Aonghusirish goddesses

Aengus means ‘true vigor.’ People of Celtic civilization worshipped him as a deity of youth, love, and also poetic motivation.

Legends of Irish gods depict him as a supporter of young lovers. He was in love with Caer.

4. Lugus / Lughceltic goddess names

Despite his rare mention in inscriptions, Lugus was a vital god of the Celtic civilization. He was the reason why TuathaDéDanann became a leading family of gods in Ireland.

5. Mórríganlist of celtic goddesses

Irish legends have shown Mórrígan or Morrigan as a menacing Celtic female figure associated with fate and war. Many Celtic Goddess names are famous for various reasons. This Celtic goddess was the protector of the land and also its masses.

6. Brigidceltic goddess images

One of the Irish goddesses Brigid was there before Christianity. Brigid was precisely opposite of Morrigan. She was the representative of the spring season, healing, and also smithcraft.

7. Belenus

The tradition of Celtic deities placed him as among the earliest and also most worshipped God. He was the archetypal sun god.

8. Toutatisgods of celtic

In the context of antique Gaul and also their Celtic deities, Toutatis was a significant name. Its meaning was ‘God of the People’.

9. Camulosceltic gods images

The mention of Camulos is available the Romano-Celtic mythology. He had a frequent association with Mars that made him a deity of war.

You’ll find his references in several religions. He is the Celtic god of war in Britain too.

10. Taranis

His origin was much older Celtic customs. He was the deity of thunder. His lightning bolt and also a solar wheel also supported this reference.

These were some of the famous ancient Gods and Goddesses in Celtic history.

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