The World’s Best Calvary – Polish Winged Hussars

Polish Winged Hussars

The Polish Winged Hussars are famous for their massive and stylish armored ensembles. Stephen Bathory who was a king from Polish Warriors history inspired all these cavalry arms. The Polish Winged Hussars had witnessed different military encounters, and their consequences were decisive. For example, how can we forget the Battle of Lubieszów or the Battle of Kircholm or even the Battle of Vienna? Apart from these famous battles, the Polish Hussars are famous for the Battle of Pitschen and the Battle of Klushino. But people have many misconceptions about them. Today we are going to reveal 5 things about this spectacular and most successful cavalry troop, the Winged Hussars. Let’s take a look.

1. They were unstoppablepolish warriors

We all know many invaders came to grab different pieces of Poland. But they returned with empty hands just because of the Winged Hussars. They defeated Ottomans to Russians or even Khanates. In the Kluszyn battles, The Russians attacked them with 35,000 troops. But Polish Winged Hussars still snitched the victory from them. The other battles were also not an exception. They always fought to get the victory.

2. The mystery behind the wingspolish winged hussars

People sometimes think the wings were for decoration only. Those heavily armored Polish Winged Hussars used to add big feathery wings on their backs or their saddles. It was a strategy more than just a fashion statement.

The Polish Warriors were the part of shock giving troops. They wanted to supply as much fear as possible so before the defenders understand anything they can attack. Think about a time when they didn’t even know about the neighboring city. So, they thought this was the best way to shock them before their attack.

3. Excellent firearmswinged hussar

Gradually Winged Hussar left all their old tactics and introduced new technologies to defeat their foe in the battlefield. Firearms were a military technique that made them unbeatable.

They instantaneously made pointless swords and obsolete arrows. That used to embellish themselves with armor which could take one or two bullets and before the opponent got an opportunity of reloading they covered the whole distance.

After getting their personal firearms, the Polish Warriors started attacking their enemies with swords, spears, rifles, and war hammers.

4. An excellent group of soldierswinged hussars soldiers

Winged Hussars were the part of a courageous group of brave soldiers. They perfectly blended stately panache with martial prowess. Patriotism was in their blood. The best thing is even the junior officer treated himself as a proud Towarzysze or companion of this military group.

Even a low ranking soldier could achieve the rank like soldier-knights. He can flourish his civil careers too.

5. They never went awaypolish hussars

It was a new era when people started using tanks instead of horses. Just because of different political reforms, people take the 1770s as the end of Winged Hussars. But Polish Winged Hussars were available throughout World War 1 and 2.

That time they attacked Poland from all sides. As a result, they had no bigger space to survive. But they had undaunted zeal to fight. They had no tanks, but the farmers fought with rifles and horses.

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