How to Eat tamales?


Most of the people usually ask one question. What is Tamales? Tamales are nothing but small packets containing a corn husk. These are one of the traditional foods of Mexico. Since it has an inedible layer, people often find it tough to eat the tamales. The tamales are a delicious, moist food inside the wrapper. When you prepare it at home or order it, you should remove the outer covering. Most people do not like the taste of simple tamales. Hence they tend to add sauce after removing the tamales husk.

How to eat tamales?

There is a series of process for eating tamales.


  • To remove the tamale husk, you should unwrap it carefully. Since the tamale is extremely hot, you should be careful about burning your fingers. There are possibilities of tamale sticking to corn husk. It is better to remove the tamale with husk and not forks or utensil.
  • Do you eat the corn husk of tamale? If not, you should remove it. All you have to do is pull the tamale husk from one side and remove the husk from other. Next, throw the tamale husk.

  • Add some extra topping to the unwrapped tamale to get a better taste. You may either choose sauce or salsa. Although it is not the traditional Mexican food but many Southwest restaurant and Mexicans, try it for convenience.
  • You can use a fork to eat tamales. Knives aren’t necessary since the tamales are soft. You can effortlessly eat it with forks.


  • Put the tamales in the strainer having one to two inch of water. You should pull out the opening end while you have to keep the folded one inside each Tamale on the bottom side.
  • Allow it to boil and cover the pot. Next, you have to lower the heat and bring it to low. As far as the steaming process you should allow it to be there for 60 minutes to refrigerate it. But if it’s frozen tamales, you should steam it for 90 minutes.

  • After putting off the heat, you should allow the tamales to stay in the pot for 15 minutes. Before that, you can remove the cover and enjoy the tamales. If you do not want your tamales to be dry, you should consider adding water during the steaming process for better convenience.

Tamales are a great food to relish on. If you have been looking for one efficient traditional dish, Tamales is a perfect choice for you.

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