List of Tropical Trees With Great Pictures

Tropical Trees

Tropical zones do not suffer from chilling winters. Thus you’ll find different types of List of tropical trees here. Similar to the trees of the temperate zones, the tropical trees are incredibly beneficial. These trees also offer fuel, food, shade and so much more. There are numerous tropical trees used for different purposes. Get to know more from the Tropical Tree Wiki.

Shade trees

types of tropical trees
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Due to the climate and soil of the region, most of the trees in this region are deciduous or evergreen. Apart from that, rainfall occurs in abundance all around the year. Thus there is a long list of tropical tree evergreen in nature existing in the rainforest. During the dry season, the trees drop off their leaves until the rainy season arrives. Humans usually use all these tropical trees. There are fig trees also known as banyan or Laurel which have a considerable size. Experts have noted a list of tropical trees and subtropical trees which include Barringtonia, Umbrella tree, Rainbow Gum, Seagrape, Moreton Bay Chestnut, Macaranga, and African tulip tree. The list of tropical trees includes coral tree, baobab, coral tree, kapok, rain tree, and Royal poinciana.

Flowering treeslist of tropical trees

Apart from offering shade, there are several types of tropical trees which are extremely beautiful when they are full of flowers. People use most of these flowers for ornamental purposes. Such trees are African tulip tree, Trumpet tree, Royal poinciana, Gold medallion tree, Coral tree, Floss tree, Golden Pendas, Jacaranda and even more. Apart from being ornamental, some of the tropical trees have colorful fruits. Some of such tropical trees are Barringtonia, Sausage tree, Asoka, Lily of the valley tree and Cecropia.

Fruit treestropical tree wiki

Apart from providing shade and lovely flowers, these trees are always full of fruits. These list of tropical trees are famous for their wide range of food offers. Some of the delicious fruits and nuts include mango, cashew, breadfruit, soursop soapberry, chocolate, durian, longan and so on. These orchard trees offer great nuts and fruits. Apart from these, fruits such as lime and lemon are also available in the region. There are several other fruits available in this part that can withstand the cold, dry temperature of the region. However, these fruits usually do not tolerate the frosting weather. Such fruits are avocado, loquat, orange, kumquat, and litchi. Due to the absence of cambium and bark, bananas do not come in the tree genre botanically.

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