How to do Palm Reading Lines?

Palm Reading Lines

For reading one person’s fortune, personalities and understanding one’s future palm reading or palmistry practiced in China, India and ancient Israel by analyzing his/her hands. Palm reading or chiromancy not only involves analysis of one’s palm, but it also includes analysis of one’s finger, arm, and fingernail. By having a look at one’s palm size, shape, finger length and palm reading lines we can anticipate one’s career, marriage, traits, health, and wealth and so on.

The emergence of Palm Reading

By having a look at ancient records, it’s found that palmistry was very popular at those time period. Reading Palm originated initially from India, China and some parts of Rome. China has a brief history in palmistry since it’s practiced in China from Zhou dynasty. First systematic and complete palm read in China originated during the Western Han dynasty and it write by Xu-Fu.

Palm read is extremely easy to understand and follow. Are you are planning to become chiromancer by yourself? For helping you out, here is the palm reading guide and it will assist you to understand the main aspects of this amazing art and after exploring you may know how to read your palm.

Deciding which hand to Read

Usually, all people have two hands and you may confuse which hand to use for reading their palm. It recommended that for finding the desired hand you need to have a look at both hands for some time. You need to start with the dominant hand.

Most palmists believe that for males the dominant hand left while for females they prefer right hand for forecasting their future. Some palmists believe that left hand is for predicting one’s potential and right hand is for telling what can be achieved with those potentials.

Understanding chiromancy

For analyzing and understanding the hands, you need to start with hand shape before looking into finger shapes and lines. Handshapes are classified into different categories and that includes air hand, earth hand, water hand, and fire hand. In earth hand, the palm and fingers are almost in the square shape. And people with those hands will be more practical, and love to learn with experiments. They prefer outdoor more than indoors.

People with air hand tend to be intellectual and curious and prefer learning through books than experiencing.

Oval-shaped palm comes under the category of water hand and those people tend to be more emotional and unbalanced. They may not know how to deal with their stress, and they prefer to listen to their feelings via logical thoughts. Fire hand people have shorter fingers when compared to their square or rectangular palm. And these people short-tempered, impatient but they are great leaders with a clear vision. Lifeline palm starts near the thumb and it’s responsible for showing one’s well-being and physical health.

Overall, palm read practiced in almost all parts of the world. And you can also understand the aspects of this art by having a look at palm reading chart, palm reading wiki and palmistry guide. These charts and guide will assist you with tips for knowing how to read palms.

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