How to post ads on Cityxguide?


Cityxguide is actually a website primarily developed for hosting classified advertisement and related contents posted by third party users. You can access these accounts without any second thoughts since it governed by its privacy policy and terms and service. Using these sites indirectly means that you are agreeing to the policies and terms of the website. The Cityxguide website has the right to alter its terms and policies at any point of time and for any reason, it can modify its terms. For knowing the periodic updates about the website terms you need to visit the page to post ads on cityxguide

Advertisements acting as a medium for reaching the customers and it also used a key for marketing by business owners. Cityxguide is highly secured site since each time when you access either post ads or replying any response or browsing the site you need to accept the privacy terms of the site and if you are not accepting the privacy policies then you may not allow or provided access to use the site.

If you are planning to post ads on this site, then you need to provide your personal information. And also for using the site products and services, create or updating account information, for placing orders and making communication, visiting the site or for requesting any information or materials you need to provide your personal information like the first name, last name, email address, telephone numbers, billing address, and other non-public details about you.

How to post Ads on Cityxguide offers you superior services and it keeps you updated with the latest information and feeds based on your interest. If you post any ads on Cityxguide, then it keeps you updated with responses, replies, and views. Inquiries responded properly on time. Are you planning to post ads on this website and if you are looking for ways to know how to post ads on Cityxguide then you need not be to post ads

Let’s explore steps to know how to post ads and by having a look at those steps you can easily post your ads on this website.
  • For posting ads, you need to click on the post ad button on the right-side top corner of the display screen.
  • Select the city where you need to display your ad. And then choose the continue button present at the bottom of the webpage.
  • Decide the category of your advertisement and then choose your category and click the continue button.
  • Fill all the required information and then click save and continue option.
  • Then, fill all the optional information on the step 2 page. And by completing this you will be able to see the preview look of your ad.
  • Click step4 which is ad upgrade and here you can upgrade your ad and if everything is ok, click save and continue.
  • Finally, step5 is payment. Click on the re-captcha checkbox and proceed with publishing your advertisement.

By following these steps, you can easily post your ad on For knowing more details, you can browse the Cityxguide wiki.

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