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What actually demisexual signifies? As society is getting modernized, sexuality is defined as a spectrum. In addition to this, there are a lot of new definitions is prevailing in the society and many of us may be familiar with homosexuality, bisexuality, and heterosexuality. Asexuality is also common and it refers to the person who doesn’t have any interest in sex. But, what is demisexual?

Most people may not know the answer to define demisexual. It’s actually a rare form of asexuality since around 1 percent of people in the world prefer demisexuality. The demisexual definition originates from the term demi and sexual. Demi- is a Greek word and it signifies half and thus demisexual means half-sexual.

Demisexual is actually a person who doesn’t feel or experience any sort of sexual attraction unless or until they develop a strong emotion connect with the other person. It may seem common but not confined to romantic relationships. It doesn’t mean that demisexual persons have incomplete sexuality or half-sexuality. Basically, if some demisexual emotionally connected with someone else then, he/she may not have sexual connect anyone else. Of course, demisexuality means different for different individuals in this world. But, the actual struggle comes into picture only during the starting phase of any relationship.

Demi Sexual Relationships

Nowadays, almost all relationships start with friendship and after some point of time, romantic feelings start growing. If you are living in a big city, then most people find friends via apps or online. In such a scenario, planning for the first date may seem difficult for demisexual. Since he/she may not know whether to go for a date or sexually attracted to someone without any sort of friendship or trust. Now, you may be familiar with demisexual meaning. Let’s explore some signs of demisexuality.

As we all know, all relationship blooms from friendship. Some people attract us by offering complete trust and security. Protecting us and offering complete trust helps to define oneself and it also gives immense attraction and one can easily get attached to those sorts of people. After knowing some details about one’s life, you can be comfortable and connect with someone for the long duration of your life without any second thoughts. If a demisexual attracted to his/her friend, then he/she may seem more confused and finally gets surprised when he/she concludes her/his attraction towards his/her friend.

Overall, demos need to develop a strong and deep friendship with the person before they sexually connected with that person. He/she need to deeply connected in terms of emotional, intellectual and philosophical. Physical attraction doesn’t occur in case of demis.

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