What is the Italian version of the game baseball?

Bocce Ball

What is Bocce? Those who play its leagues describe it as an amiable mix of shuffleboard, pool, cultural memories of Italy and also communal engagement. People often play it at the Italian-American bistros or freestanding courts. The conventions among leagues and the U.S. Bocce Federations could differ slightly, and also they could vary from universal rules. Thus, it is essential to look at the permanent rule board available on the court sides. Let’s take a look about What is Bocce Ball Rules and How To Play Bocce Ball from here.


There are three types of teams available. In one group you will see just one player. On the other hand, other teams have two or four players. All these teams get four standard bocce balls that have a uniform color.

A player tosses a white ball, named Pallino, using an overhand grip midway down the court. That particular player throws again. This time he rolls a regular bocce ball in the direction of the Pallino. Next, it’s opponent’s turn.

Some rules involved in the gameplay

According to the Bocce ball rules the coin toss determines the color of balls as well as the first team to start the game.

What is bocce ball size? It must have a diameter of no less than 4 1/4 inches. You need bocce balls that are lighter. These balls have a unique capability to roll on the sand so that players can play on the beach.

A basic rule of a bocce ball is different teams get balls of different colors.

Some strategies of the game

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How to play bocce ball?

Your ball has to reach to the Pallino. Here we have to mention that you have to try hard to reach as close as possible. When you throw it for the first time, toss your ball in such a way that it can stop close to the Pallino. When three to four balls of your rival are nearest to the Pallino, and also it seems like you are far away from your goal, try to dislodge the Pallino at the time of your final throw. This attempt is popular as Spocking.


Once both the teams have chucked four balls, that round draws to a close. For scoring, an unbiased third party evaluates the four balls that are the nearest to the Pallino. In short, the nearest team’s score ends if different colors are available anywhere between 2nd, to 4th position. The second team does not receive any points.

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