Did you know that drawing Cat Paw Prints was so easy?

cat paw prints

Cat Paw Prints

What is so great about Cat paw prints? These prints have been one of the common themes in art. Cat paw prints are an emblem of nature and camaraderie. Since ages, Petite paws have appeared in different sorts of artworks and all over the world. Such artworks cover the gamut from figurines to greeting cards. You must have seen them in verses and proses.how to draw a cat paw

Cat paw prints are very dear to lovers of these feline animals

A cat lover understands the emotional values of having cats. That’s because they are such a significant part of the lives of people that they regard them as a family. Cats tend to leave their imprint everywhere in your house, and towns.

The little one of your family loves to draw a cat paw print. They also like to get a greeting card with such an impression. He or she will be happy to know that making cat paw drawings is such an easy job. They can do it in a matter of minutes, and the result you get is impressive.

cat paw drawings

An Introduction to drawing cat paw prints

This drawing just requires an understanding of the simple anatomy of the paw. While cats have five fingers, they use only four for walking. And while all fingers have claws, they stay hidden.

Steps for making the drawing

There is no definite answer of how to draw a cat paw. The reason is felines come in every shape and size. So, anyone can draw it effortlessly in a few simple steps. The steps are:how to draw a cat paw print

  • Draw a rounded triangle for the paw’s pad and color the inside of the triangle completely.
  • Then draw two petite ovals to the left of the triangle and Color the inside of the ovals completely.
  • After that, draw two more petite ovals to the right of the triangle and color the inside of the ovals thoroughly.

That is it! In just a few steps you have mastered the art of drawing cat paw prints. You can play around with the shapes and colors of the triangles and the ovals until you like what you see!

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