Decadent Food is a phrase that is in vogue


An adjective has been in use since long. We use it to describe individuals or items that have triggered indulgent behaviors and deterioration of ethics. When it comes to the matter is of food, it is natural to assume that this adjective denotes indulgence. There are several synonyms for this adjective. But, what is this adjective that we are talking about? Get to know about Decadent meaning, define decadent definition and more.

The adjective is decadent.

You must have heard of decadent ladies, decadent music, decadent literature, and more. The latest in this line is decadence food.define decadent

However, the question is why people use this adjective for food. For that, we have got to know the real meaning of this term.

What is decadent meaning

If you want to understand the full implication of the term, you must know that the Latin root of the term implies “to fall down.” However, it would not be right to define decadence as just excess but also the decline of one’s morals.

People encounter decadent meaning as negative. But it isn’t the case always.

  • An instance was multiple French authors and artists during the late 1800s embraced the label of decadence.
  • Another example was a pastry chef promoted his guilty pleasure. He gave his creation the name of Chocolate Decadence.

Now that we have understood the term let us focus on how it has become a food term.

How can food be decadent?

The most practical explanation to use of this term for food is to evoke an image. At least, that is what you get if you Google decadent definition food.decadent food

When you Google the above phrase the results are:

  • Foods that are over-indulgent and have much flavor.
  • Foods that have high amounts of calories

People tend to label such foods as “guilty pleasure.”

So, you see people use this term ironically to describe the number of foods

The sorts of that food that come under this level

Here are some of the “decadent” foods.decadent definition food

  • Caviar
  • Chocolate
  • Champagne
  • Wine
  • Canapes
  • Lobster
  • Foi Gras

If you check the above list of food items carefully, you will find that all have two things in common.  All of them have high amounts of calories and have a rich taste.

So, what is the origin of this term for certain foods? People believe that the source is a verse in the Holy Bible that declares overindulgence to be a sin that could be the cause of ruin. Nevertheless, in the present-day society, this phrase has no religious implication.

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