Top Safest Cities that Women can live without Fear in India

Safest Cities in India

When deciding which cites to live in India, people normally look at so many factors and those factors include safety in terms of crime, serenity and even closeness to government administration. This calls us to think about the safest city in India. When we talk about safety, someone might think that safety is only a concern that women have when looking for a city to settle in India. There are two major but safest cities in India worth mentioning. Get to know more info on the Safest place in India from here.

Surat is the safest city trusted by women

For foreigners, New Delhi is what they might have thought is the safe city in India but surprisingly, despite being the capital of India, it is not necessarily the safest city. If you are a local or a foreigner and have been wondering which the safest city in the country is; your answer is here. Surat is the safest place in India. Someone will ask a question, “why is Surat, India the safest among all cities in our country?” There are a number of solid reasons why this city is the safest place in India.

Lower crime rate and high security safest city for women's in india

Considering that Surat is the safe city in India, it is also the safest city for women in India. Women always fall in love with those cities they can walk to work and not have their purses snatched from their hands. Surat is a city of high-security levels and low crime rates, most women have found themselves being drawn towards it. With that, women have always been confident of living in this city even as single ladies.

Kolkata is Second safest city in India

Despite being the third most populated city, it is also the safe city to live in the country. This city has been ranked the second safe city in India basically because its security and crime rates are favorable. This has been fostered by rich culture. The indigenous people of this city have maintained a culture of hard work and self-dependence. And that is the main reason why the crime rates are very low. Women have also considered the safest city basically because it is that place where you are confident of walking alone and don’t feel the urge to look back if someone is following you. If you have been asking yourself about what is the safest city in India, then these two great cities are safe.

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