What are the Best Jobs Sites to look and apply for a Job in India?

Top Job Sites in India

Every person on earth is born with an instinct to survive the longest on earth. With that, the modern world and its survival depend mainly on a job and that is the reason why people are searching for a job day and night. There are a number of Top job sites in India. In the quest to answer the question, “What is the best job site to look and apply for a job in India?” there is a list of top 10 job sites in India that you can always refer to and make a good decision on which site to search and apply for a job in India.

Naukri.com is the best job portal that tops the list

For many Indian job seekers, we might have come across this Naukri site before and you might have noticed the reasons behind it being the best site. There are a number of reasons why it is the best and the top among the top 10 job sites in India. First, it presents the best user experience where a user simply uses the icons or tabs to create a resume. The online creation of resumes is the best thing as you don’t need to go through that pain alone.job portals in india

All you need to do is input your work experience, education and referee details and then the system will just create one for you. Considering that employers have strict requirements, Nauhri.com will help you appear in the list of those who are looking for a job by helping you create a perfect resume. The site also caters for Indian Employers outside India. For instance, if you are in Kenya and an India Employer based in Kenya is looking for employees, the best thing to do is use this job portal. That employer will certainly see you.

LinkedIntop 10 job sites in india

LinkedIn is the latest job portal in India that has overtaken other old job sites. Some believe that it should be the top among the top 10 job sites in India but according to the latest survey, it has been placed at number two. What is as special about LinkedIn as the of the job portals in India? First, it provides a platform where both professionals and job seekers can converge, connect and exchange opportunities pertaining to job placements. Secondly, LinkedIn has become the best job site in India. Because it does not discriminate in terms of whether you have the minimum qualifications or not.