The Top Lawyers in India who can Represent you to Win a Case

Top Lawyers in India

Going against the law is sometimes uncertain and if you don’t go against the law, then you will be informed in one way or another if someone has wronged you. When seeking justice, many Indians look for the best lawyers in India who can help them seek justice that they deserve.

There are more than ten thousand lawyers in India but there are those few who have considered the best and top lawyers in India basically because of their experiences, the number of the case they have presided over successfully and other factors. Get info on Top advocate in India as well as famous lawyers in India from here.

Fali S Nariman best lawyers in india

This is one of the most sought-after lawyers in the whole of India. That means that he is the best among the best lawyers in India. Being the best lawyer in India comes with a reward because for him to offer his services, you need to part ways with a huge sum of money that will be paid as a service charge.

Being the best in the whole of India, most of the common persons may not afford to pay for his services. His services can accrue by an ordinary citizen if he/she sponsored or if the lawyer has offered to represent such a person in court free of charge.

Having won some of the prestigious cases in India, the 81-year-old is an experienced lawyer whose services will certainly assure you of positive results.

Soli Sorabjee comes second in the listtop 10 lawyers in india

He is the second in the top 10 advocates in India. Just like other top and famous lawyers in India, his age can certainly tell you that he has wisdom and it is from that wisdom that he has managed to win some of the most controversial and prestigious cases in the Highest courts of India.

His fame was further cemented in 1999 when he appointed by the government of India to defend the country against a lawsuit by the Pakistani government in what was later known as the International Atlantic Downing case (1999). He is an expert in cases that can categorize as constitutional cases.

Rohinton Nariman top advocate in india

This is one of the famous advocates in India who became famous among advocates at a young age of 36. Being young and famous, most of his clients have termed him as energetic and able to take the stress that comes with complex cases. He has tackled uncountable corporate cases with ease and this has made him respected.

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