Shree Hanuman Chalisa Latest Lyrics 2019

Hanuman Chalisa

Hanuman Chalisa is the verses sung in Lord Ram’s devotion. It is termed as Chalisa as it has 40 poetic verses. This is devotional literature and composed by Tulsidas Ji, a legendary poet. Tulsidas initiates the Shree Hanuman Chalisa praising his Guru in the first two couplets. This actually in the Awadhi refined language.

The legend

Tulsidas Ji once met Aurangzeb and the emperor mocked him to show Lord Rama. Ingeniously the poet replied seeing God Rama was impossible for people without true devotion. Aurangzeb got annoyed and imprisoned Tulsidas Ji and in that prison, it believed that the Hanuman Chalisa written. It said that as Tulsidas Ji completed his ode and started reciting, the monkey’s army menaced Delhi.


Hanuman Chalisa written by Lord Rama’s ardent devotee, poet Tulsidas. Hanuman Chalisa has a clandestine divinity that anybody reciting the 40 Godley verses of hanuman god, regardless of the age, after few recitals automatically get it registered in the memory.

Time to read Hanuman Chalisaहनुमान चालीसा

The Hanuman Chalisa should recite in the morning after a bath. If you read it after sunset, wash your feet, hands, and face first.  It is a belief among the Hindus that reciting Hanuman Chalisa meaning is that the divine involvement of Hanuman is in solving critical problems and this also includes driving away evil spirits.

As per the legends, Shani Dev, the lord of Saturn, is afraid of Lord Hanuman. Thus, reciting Hanuman Chalisa certainly assists in reducing the Sade Sati effects. So people suffering owing to the Saturn placement in their Kundli should chant on Saturdays the Hanuman Chalis, especially in the morning so that they assured of peace and prosperity.

Deflect evil spirits

Lord Hanuman is a deity helping to get rid of spirits and evils that may be dangerous. In case you troubled and believe in nightmares frightening you, place HanumanChalisa under your pillow and you will assure of peaceful sleeping times. Thus, it also eliminates daunting thoughts.

Pray for forgivenesshanuman chalisa meaning

Sins committed knowingly and unknowingly by everyone. The Hinduism principles even today believed to revolve in the birth and death cycle owing to the sins. There is a need to recite the Hanuma Chalisa verse to eliminate the bad deeds done or happened in the present and the previous birth.

Same as Lord Ganesha, Hanuman removes all obstacles, but there is a need to recite with full devotion the Hanuman Chalisa.

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