Ways to Create a Bootable Flash Drive for Windows

Bootable Flash Drive

Creating a bootable flash drive means to use to deploy the essentials of Windows Server. The foremost step is to use a command-line utility and to get the USB flash drive ready. To create a bootable USB drive:

  • Insert into running computer a USB flash drive.
  • Open as an administrator a Command Prompt window
  • Type disk part
  • A new command line window opens, to get the driver letter or number of the USB flash drive, type list disk and ENTER. This will display list disk and you may note the drive letter or number.
  • Type Select disk <X>, at the command prompt, where X is the USB flash drive letter or number.
  • Type clean, and ENTER. This will delete from the USB flash drive the data.
  • Type create part pri and ENTER so that a primary partition is created.
  • Select partition, type select part 1, and ENTER.
  • Format partition, type fs=ntfs and ENTER.
USB is a faster way to install from the scratch Windows 7. Learn the steps how to make bootable USB windows 7. You must have on your computer Windows 7 installed.make a bootable usb drive

Tip: Before plug in the USB drive take the backup of files you may have stored on the USB drive. This is because the drive gets formatted and files are deleted.

  • Open Windows elevated command line by clicking Start, type in the search cmd, then press on the keyboard Ctrl+Shift+Enter. You can navigate to Start, Accessories, All Programs, select Run as Administrator by right-clicking with your mouse on the Command Prompt menu.
  • Type cd c:\windows\system32 and change directory. Confirm USB is plugged and type DISKPART and ENTER, Type List Disk and press ENTER.
  • A listing appears, find your USB disk number and type Select Disk and state the selected disk is the USB drive.
  • Type these commands and press ENTER
  • EXIT
Keep the window open of command prompt, but minimize later.
  • You require the Windows 7 installation. Open My Computer and see the letter assigned to your USB.
  • Do to prompt and type D: CD BOOT and ENTER.
  • Type CD BOOT and Enter
  • Type BOOTSECT.EXE /NT60 H: (replacing your USB flash drive letter for H:, if essential) and Enter.
  • Finally, copy the contents entirely to the USB drive and on My Computer, right-click on the DVD drive, open to view DVD contents, copy all folders and files to the USB

The USB flash drive is set as a bootable USB drive for Windows 7. Next is to know how to make bootable USB windows 10:

how to make bootable usb windows 7

  • Ensure USB is plugged, search and open the Command Prompt.
  • Open disk management utility using CMD, type disk part and ENTER
  • Display available connected disk, select USB drive, type select disk and replace with disk number and ENTER.
  • Type clean to clean USB drive and ENTER
  • Type create partition primary and ENTER
  • Select partition created, type select partition 1, type active and ENTER
  • Type in format fs=fat32 and format USB
  • Assign a letter, type, and assign
  • Finally, copy Windows 10 files and paste indie USB

It created a Windows 10 bootable USB drive.

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