The Best and Top 10 Rum Brands in India

Top 10 Rum Brands in India

Rum is the most preferred alcoholic drink that has avid fans around the world among party lovers. It is available in variants as white and dark rum, used in cocktails as a drink. The Rum is produced using molasses or sugarcane, such that the molasses fermented, distilled to produce a liquid having alcohol after the process of fermentation.  With distillation done, the liquid is stored in oak barrels to get aged. The process of aging varies with brand. Some consume it neat and some with mixers. In fact, rum can be used in cooking and it is popular. Know the top 10 rum brands in India here and you also know the Barcadi Price in India, Contessa Rum and more rum rates.

Rum in the Indian market is regarded to be the best rum in India. In case, you are planning to try rum, you must know the best brands that are the top 10 rum brands in India.

1. Malibu

Malibu is the finest rum brand known for its coconut flavor. The origin is Barbados and is the strongest rum. Apart from the coconut flavor, there are many other flavors. Malibu is the preferred brand to make cocktails as it has alcohol content around 21%. People in India like it for its reasonable price and wonderful taste.

2. Bacardibacardi price in india

Bacardi is a rum premium brand, prominent for its wonderful taste and Bacardi price in India. It is in orange, lemon, raspberry, apple, and dragon berry flavors. This is a popular brand among youth and is used in cocktails enhancing the flavors. It has 42.8% alcohol content. The Bacardi rum price in India is Rs. 134 for 90ml.

3. Mcdowell’s

This also best-loved rum brands and Mc Dowell’s is a recipient of several international awards. It is popular for its unique flavor, featuring caramel and vanilla hints. The brand manufactures brandy and whiskey under the same name.

4. Old Monkold monk rum price

Old Monk is the oldest leading rum brand. It has a vanilla flavor and is in six more variants. Old Monk is a popular brand featuring strong taste. It has alcohol around 40%.

5. Havana Club

This is a Cuban brand with bottling in Punjab. There is chocolate and vanilla flavor featuring 40% alcohol content. It is the one od the list of top 10 rum brands in India.

6. Captain Morgancaptain morgan price india

Captain Morgan has great variety and is a celebrated brand. Diageo is the company; the origin is Jamaica, the brand offerings in India are many, but Black Spiced Rum is the choice of India. It has spices hint and 42.8% alcohol. Captain Morgan price India for 180 ml is Rs 200.

7. Contessacontessa rum

Contessa Rum contains raisins, a Radico Khaitan brand. This liquor is popular for its strong flavor. It caters to the defense sector and has 42.8% alcohol.

8. Old Port

This comes from Amrut Distilleries in vanilla and butterscotch flavors. Old Port aged for a longer time than its other variants. There is alcohol content around 40% in this rum and there are more four variants available.

9. Jolly Rogerjolly roger rum price

An Allied Blenders and Distillers product is Jolly Roger. It has spices as a slight hint and 42.8% alcohol, offering a unique taste. The rum presents a great blend of natural spices offering in each sip an amazing taste. This is highly popular and comes in various packs.

10. Hercules

This is also a brand for the defense segment there is Hercules Deluxe Rum Dark, Hercules White Rum, and so on. Khoday manufactures this Rum, besides Beer, Whiskey, and Brandy. Hercules Rum has 42.8% alcohol content.

The above is the best list for top 10 rum brands in India.

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