How to Make Silk Thread Bangles Design

Silk Thread Bangles Design

Silk thread bangles look beautiful and offer a glossy look. They were highly popular as silk thread bangles among Indian. They had taken a back seat, but are again emerging with the same trend in other material such as shells, wood, copper, and brass.

The silk thread bangles designs are very special in comparison to other designs and materials. These bangles are colorful, soft and nice as they are made using silk thread. They also are comfortable, regardless of whether it is in a range of colors or a single color. Shopping online assures loads of fun as you browse the traditional designs range available in these bangles. There are different styles and designs of the silk thread bangles and they are easily available to make thread bangles

The term fashion suits women and their clothing, style, and accessories that they wear to carry themselves. The number of accessories for women these days includes choosing from a lot of bangles, bracelets, nose pin, earrings, chains, anklets, etc. It offers a trendy look and with jewelry elegant pieces you can look outstanding.

Bangles are now the biggest accessory as a hit and they team up with all the outfits, western or India. Wearing decorative bangles is possible as they are available in various designs and array of materials. The trends now of the handmade bangles are high. It is made using easily available materials and these may require a bit of passion and creativity to wear handmade things, but you are sure to enjoy the feel of wearing it.

How to Make Silk Thread Bangles:

The handmade silk thread bangles charm, style, and elegance cannot be matched by any other bangle type. The efforts in making this silk thread bangle are apparent on completion and wearing. They also make true gifts and are the pride to make silk thread bangles

Here is a step by step process of making silk thread bangles. This is a simple and common process of making these bangles that only need the silk thread so that it can be wrapped around the bangle. Learning how to make thread bangles is helpful and also a good way of earning some money.  To begin with the silk thread wrapping for the bangle, the essential materials are:

  • Rectangular book or a plastic box
  • silk threads
  • scissors
  • Glue

The Process:thread bangles

  • Take the silk thread and around 20 rolls must wrap around the rectangular book or plastic box.
  • Take together all the threads and glue them.
  • cut extra threads, after it dries
  • This makes the thread as one thick silk strand and stays secure
  • This silk thread may use to make bangles.

Take any desirable shape bangle, clean the surface, take silk threads strands and wrap it around in an organized manner several times. Once done with a batch, tie a knot tightly. Continue wrapping around the bangle, repeat the knot process. Wrap around till the bangle is completely covered. Cut loose strands and add finesse. You can mix colored threads as well.

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