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hindi worksheet

A fast, easy, and enjoyable way of practicing Hindi vowels

Hindi’s other name is Modern Standard Hindi. We can describe it as a consistent and Sanskritised catalog of “Hindustani language.” Hindi follows “Devanagari script” and it is one of the certified languages of the country with the English language. It’s among the twenty-two listed languages of the Indian Republic.

Many websites offer worksheets for those who wish to learn Hindi alphabets & numbers. The objective of these websites is to help kids and grown-ups who are keen on reading and writing Hindi.

hindi worksheet
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Such websites are always giving their best for making learning Hindi enjoyable and communicating feasible! There are quite a few games that involve the use of a Hindi worksheet. These games make Hindi learning enjoyable. The game in this article is for learning Hindi vowels. Let’s take a look.

How to learn Hindi vowels by using worksheets

This article is a tribute to the effort on the part of the websites that offer such Hindi worksheets for the UK. This article reveals an enjoyable new game that parents can play with their kids. This game helps kids in practicing Hindi vowels. The exercise is very simple, and all that you require are a pen, a piece of paper and a catalog of names.

hindi vowels

The names can be the names of the parents, the names of their kids, the name of the favorite superheroes or cartoon characters of the kids. The names can also be the name of the favorite tutor, and also the friend of the kids.

The game   

hindi learning
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After getting the catalog of names, you can start playing. The way of playing the game involves many steps. They are:

1) Writing down a name using the English language

2) Then circle the vowels that are present in the name.

3) An attempt to use a Hindi vowel using one of the Hindi alphabets worksheets for beginners that has a catalog of Hindi Vowels. You have to replace the circled English vowel.

4) Rewrite your name by using English consonants & Hindi vowels

It’s a super easy game. Several such Hindi Varnamala worksheets PDF are available on such websites to download.

There are more free printable Hindi worksheets for kindergarten available on such websites. They make the learning of vowels and other Hindi essentials enjoyable.

And also that is not the amount of stuff which that websites offer in making learning Hindi enjoyable is limitless.


If you are among the parents, who wish to teach their kids Hindi you can place orders for colorful worksheets on these websites. They will help your kids learn writing Phonics, Vowels, Maatra, and Swar, and more and they do not cost much.

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