What is Torrents and know its facts

Some important facts about Torrenting

What is Torrents?

You must have heard about “torrent.” It usually denotes a PC file that consists of metadata holding information. All torrent files normally have the .torrent extension, but they don’t hold the real contents meant for distribution. It is the job of the Bit Torrent software to use this information for the “actual” distribution. Instances of the Bit Torrent software are Transmission, uTorrent, or BitTorrent.

The “actual” distribution basically lets users download torrent files easily to their PCs.

µTorrent image
µTorrent image


An explanation of torrents

What is Bit torrents?

Bit torrents are referring to Bit Torrent clients. The reason is that BitTorrent isn’t a program. It’s a technique of the downloading files by using a distributed P2P sharing arrangement. BitTorrent clients are the programs that one use for downloading files by the application of the Bit Torrent rules. Many different types of torrents are available.

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The way that a torrent works

Now we will discuss How to use torrents.  A torrent file is a key to download of the real content. If you want to get the shared file, you have to acquire the analogous torrent file. You can do so

  • By downloading the .torrent file straightaway
  • By the use of a magnet link.

You will then require a BitTorrent software for opening the concerned file/link. When the BitTorrent software finishes scanning the torrent link/ file, it has to find the sites of seeders responsible for sharing the analogous file. For doing so, it is going to attempt to hook up with a list of well-defined trackers and make an attempt or a straight connection. When it’s successful, you can transfer the proper content.


Some questions that users have about torrents

Some common questions that users have are:

  • Is torrenting secure?
  • Are torrents legal to use?
  • What will happen if they get caught?

Torrenting itself is legal. However, the downloading unauthorized copyrighted matter is illegal. You’ll not get legitimate content always. As a few falls in the gray area, you could end up doing illegal activity.

The ISP of yours & copyright trolls keeping track of “BitTorrent network” can take action on catching you unlawfully torrenting. The action can be:

  • A caution letter.
  • They will slow down of your web connection
  • Legal action

The last is very rare.

Torrenters who know the privacy terms are going to make use of VPNs for hiding their online activity from the ISP. Among the various applications, a few VPNs suits torrenting better than others.

Hooking up with VPN will let you alter the IP address of yours and help you stay anonymous when you’re downloading torrents. It’s a vital tool to use while downloading torrents such that the ISP is unaware of your activities.

best torrents site
best torrents site
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