How to Drive a Car for Beginners

How to Drive a Car

Driving a car requires understanding and more skill. Using the shift stick vehicle means to adjust speed with the gears. Knowing the basics means you will understand how to drive a car.

It is recommended to watch car driving video and going through the car driving tutorial. Going through the tutorial reinforces and assists in perfecting the transmission skills. There is a need to know how to drive a car for beginners and here you can find a methodical approach of how to drive a car step by step.

Step 1: Keep in Neutral.

Place into the neutral your car gear such that it is in the center. Verify by wiggling the stick and see if is freely moving, if not, ensure the stick is in the middle.

Step 2: Place Your Foot on the Clutch Pedal

Your vehicle is in neutral gear, so next is to move by starting the manual transmission by pressing the clutch fully.

Step 3: Look for the Ignition

Start the vehicle by locating the ignition that is near the steering column.

Step 4: Turn Halfway the Ignition

Turn halfway the ignition to allow the vehicle’s sensors to start.

Step 5: Turn On the Vehicle

Keep your foot fully on the clutch pedal, your gear in the neutral position, turn the vehicle’s engine and start the vehicle to drive a car step by step

Step 6: Disengage the Handbrake

To move forward in a manual transmission vehicle, disengage the handbrake.

Step 7: Get ready to Rolling Forwards.

The vehicle is started; move onto driving. Take a deep breath, count ten and relax muscles. Put your seat belt and adjust to the most comfortable position possible.

Step 8: Place foot fully onto the clutch

Begin moving forward by depressing clutch fully so that the vehicle moves forward in a manual transmission.

Step 9: Move Gear to First Gear.

As clutch is depressed fully, move to first gear at the top end. This is to the top left portion. Now start moving forwards in the first gear.

Step 10: Pat yourself and give a try.

Learning manual driving is complicated, but do not give up. Stay persistent and the reward is yours.

However, you must know the difference of Manual vs automatic car to drive a car for beginners


  • A manual gearbox offers better power to wheels that accelerating is faster.
  • Manual gearboxes are cheaper to maintain, buy, insure, and repair than automatics.
  • The manual gearboxes learning means you can drive automatic with ease
  • Changing of gear has to be done manually with effort and thought.
  • It is tough to learn to drive and driving in traffic requires changing gear frequently.
  • Manual driving needs multi-tasking skills.

Manual vs automatic car driving


  • It is easier as there is no gear or clutch to concentrate.
  • Capable of seamless, smooth gear changes
  • Useful even for limited mobility people.
  • They offer a jerky ride
  • Expensive to repair, maintain, buy and insure
  • Uses more fuel and driving automatic alone does not qualify you for manual driving.
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