How to Wear Saree in Gujarati Style

Gujarati Saree Designs

Sarees are Indian traditional wear standing the test of time. In fact, sarees offer the clothing comfort and give a sexy look. It is definitely a style statement to wear Gujarati saree by giving it a spin, making everyone go crazy. Add to your charm and also you are sure to look most attractive. Get info on Gujarati Saree designs as well as know how to wear Gujarati saree step by step from here.

Having an exotic pallu design means you may show off. If so, draping a Gujarati style is now common. In fact, in the daily soaps, you can see it is the most popular style of draping saree in to wear gujarati saree step by step

How to wear saree in Gujarati style is a question for many girls as they are new to wearing sarees. The draping of the Gujarati style is suitable for all types of occasions. The Gujarati style of draping is in a clockwise manner such that the pallu falls to the back. However, the Apllu took in an anti-clockwise direction that it covers the front and if the saree pallu has embroidery, it can be very well shown off in the Gujarati style.

The draping of saree in a Gujarati way is known as ‘Seedha pallu’. It is found commonly in UP, MP, Bihar, Rajasthan, and also Gujarat. This saree draping style also gives a slim look.

How to wear Gujarati Saree step by step

how to wear gujrati saree
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  • Wear an in-skirt and a blouse.
  • Drape the saree wearing your footwear to get the right saree length.
  • Identify the pallu featuring heavy design or is the one that has a different color from the rest.
  • Take to non-pallu end and tuck it within the in-skirt from right to left. Now, once you can drape the saree around the in-skirt and ensure tucking it in all the sides.
  • Make 7 to 8 pleats after one drape is over and tuck it at your navel facing your right such that the pleats fall in folds.
  • Pick the pallu end, make pleats, hold it high, gently shake them and also allow it for a yard to run and bring these pleats from behind over the right shoulder so that it falls in front of your body.
  • Pin the pallu at the right shoulder to your blouse
  • Take the pallu left corner, spread it over the chest and pin to the waist left side through the saree layers to the in-skirt layer.
  • Tuck the left pallu corner to your left should like your dupatta.
  • Pallus with heavy designs pull the pallu down, so use 2 or 3 pins to keep the saree safe.
  • A part of the saree will hang at the back, it is the Gujarati style.