How to Make Mango Pickle – Best Tips on Mango Pickle Recipe

Mango Pickle Recipe

The arrival of summer means the raw mangoes flood the market.  The green raw mangoes are perfect to make Aam ka achar, the famous mango pickle. Actually, this is a simple recipe.

Once the sun is up, the process of making mango pickle begins. The hard works are in cutting mangoes, placing jar pickles in the hot sun and to get ready. there is a need for 1 week to get pickle ready.

Few tips to remember:

  • For longer shelf life, dry the mangoes and ensure no moisture.
  • Ensure the storage jars are completely dry before putting inside the pickled stuff.
  • Use a dry, fresh spoon to take out the pickle from the jar each time.
  • Salt should be added in measure as it is the main preservative.
  • Also, include sufficient oil so that it prevents your pickle or achar from spoiling.

How to make mango pickle in south Indian style?

There are different methods of making pickles. The South Indians store for a long time the pickle. It takes a week for them to make the mango pickle as the mango pieces are kept salt mixed and seasoned for a week. The process of making the mango pickle is:mango pickle recipe south indian style

  • Cut raw mango into pieces. Take a raw mango of medium size, cut into ¾ inches size into cubes.
  • Remove the seed and leave intact the hard shell. Transfer the pieces in a bowl.
  • Add salt to the raw mangoes in sun. If the raw mangoes weighed 200 gms, add crystal salt around 20 gms.
  • Shake well such that the mango pieces get mixed with salt uniformly.
  • Cover with a clean cloth the bowl and keep it under sunlight so that it gets seasoned.
  • Everyday shakes the mango pieces. After one week, they are ready for pickling.

Other Ingredients required are:

Red chilies Dry 5 to 8 numbers, Cumin seeds quarter teaspoon, Mustard seeds half teaspoon, Fenugreek seeds quarter teaspoon, and Asafoetida 2 grams. Dry roast all other than red chilies, add oil a few drops for roasting red chilies.

Grind spice powder after it gets cool in a mixer. Heat oil, preferably sesame oil add mustard seeds, allow it to crack and pour it over seasoned mango pieces. Use a ladle and ensure that the oil has reached all the mango pieces. Add spices to the mango pieces and cook for 3 minutes. Turn the stove off and let the pickle cool.  Enjoy mouth-watering mango pickle.

How to make achar in the north Indian style

Ingredients: Raw mango 4 cups, salt 2 tablespoons,  Haldi-Turmeric powder 2 teaspoons, Hing 1 teaspoon, Methi seeds – 1 tablespoon, Mustard seeds- 3 tablespoons, Red chili powder- 3 tablespoon, Kalonji-1 tablespoon, Pounded Saunf- 1 tablespoon, Dhania seeds 1 tablespoon and Mustard oil- ½ cup.

  • Select spicy raw mangoes, wash and dry them.
  • Cut mangoes into half and then into cubes of one inch.
  • Combine salt, Haldi, and cut mangoes, leave it to marinate for 8 hours. It will leave the water.
  • Drain the water and keep it aside. Now dry on paper towels the mangoes to lose excess moisture.

Note: You may use from the mangoes the drained water into cooking rice or lentil preparation, it will taste delicious.

Heat a small pan, roast coriander seeds until, and leave it to cool. Crush it coarsely. Take a large bowl, combine mangoes, salt, hing, haldi, methi seeds, mustard seeds, fennel seeds, red chili powder, and coriander seeds. Fill the mixture into a bottle and keep for a day.

Heat oil to boiling, cool it and pour it to the aam ka achaar bottle. It will take two to three weeks to marinate. Enjoy the best flavor of Aam ka Achaar.

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