Do you have an android device? Make it safe with the Android Device Manager

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Android Device Manager

Losing our phone makes our heart beat fast anytime. That’s because in today’s world we cannot survive without our precious phone. We keep all our valuable information in our phone. In that case, if you are an Android phone, you can take the help of the Android Device Manager. This simple feature will keep all your data safe. Let’s check out how.

 Android Device Manager
  • First of all, if you mistakenly place your phone in between the couch and if our phone is in silence mode, how will you find it? With the help of the “Android Device Manager,” you can maximize the volume and ring it.
  • If you forget your phone in a restaurant, you can easily find it even if it’s out of your earshot with the help of a map.
  • You’ll be much relaxed to know that you can create a screen lock even if you lose your device with the help of the Android Device Manager.
  • It’ll protect your personal information as well as essential data. Even if your device goes in the wrong hand, it’ll protect your device.
  • You can even easily find things. In short, you can manage your Android device efficiently.

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android studio

Nowadays everyone has an Android phone. That is why we can see mobile apps have been increasing on a daily basis. We are getting addicted to technology because of its various utilities. So, the shortcuts of the Android studio can help us a lot. Let’s check out this Android tutorial which will make your job extremely manageable.

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The shortcuts of Android studio

Google has no connection with Eclipse anymore. So, now we have to concentrate on Android Studio. Previously we used to use Eclipse which was absolutely different from Android Studio. Let’s check out some of the Android Studio shortcuts.

android versions
  • If you are looking for Override methods, you have to press CTRL + O.
  • If you want to add methods that are unimplemented, you have to press CTRL + I.
  • If you want to show a project you have to press ALT + 1.
  • If you want to format code, you have to press CTRL + ALT + L.
  • If you want to show logcat, you have to press ALT + 6.
  • The formula of Build and Run is CTRL + F10.
  • The formula of Build is CTRL + F9.
  • The formula of “Hide project – logcat” is SHIFT + ESC.
  • The formula off Expand all is CTRL + SHIFT + NumPad-.
  • The formula of Collapse all is CTRL + SHIFT + NumPad+.
  • If you want to find something you have to press CTRL + F.
  • The formula of Find and replace is CTRL + R.

Nowadays people have Android mobiles. These shortcuts are absolutely useful for these devices. So, note these shortcuts or take a screenshot. Keep in mind that you’ll need them soon. At that time, instead of searching here and there you’ll have these instant solutions.

The Following are Latest Android Version

Pie – Android Version 9.0

android mobiles
android mobiles

Oreo – Android Version 8.0 & 8.1


Nougat – Android Version 7.0


Marshmallow – Android Version 6.0


Lollipop – Android Version 5.0.1


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