How to Tell Inspirational Stories to Children

best stories for kids

Inspirational Stories & Best stories for kids

Stories can inspire your kids a lot. It has a significant influence on their moral building. These stories create a great impact on their mind too. So whenever you tell a new story to your child, keep in mind that he or she will carry this moral for the rest of life. Now the question is how to tell stories to your child so that it can make a great impact. Let’s check out.

How to Tell Stories to Children

So whenever you call your baby to narrate a story, you can see that happiness in his eyes. It can be a great activity which you can outgrow anytime. Check out some of the examples below.

•    You can increase the habit of bedtime stories which will help your child to remember the moral for a long time. That’s because whenever you read or listen to something before sleeping, you remember it well.

•    Daytime or night-time reading habit is also beneficial for your child.

•    While choosing a story for children keep in mind that it should be inspirational. Additionally, try to convert yourself into an inspirational speaker.

•    Concentrate on small stories for babies. It’ll make this children storytelling a fun activity.

•    If possible try to show pictures along with the stories. It will help them to remember the moral effect.

Last but not least while indulging yourself into children storytelling; you have to keep in mind that a story for kids has to have a good moral value. It will make that story more unique.

Now let’s check out one of the best stories for kids.

The Story of a Sad Little Girl

Once upon a time, there was a little, shy girl. Her name was Lisa. She wanted to become a football player. But her classmates used to ridicule her by saying she could not become a football player as she was a girl.

Lisa decided to prove them wrong. As a result, she used to go to school in the daytime. After coming from school, she started practicing football. After playing football, she completed her homework.

best stories for kids

Her father and mother encouraged her a lot. One day she participated in the Inter-School football competition. Her friends were utterly in shock when they saw her brilliant performance.

At last, she got selected and represented her school with the team. Those critical students got impressed after checking her performance.

The moral of the story is with focus and determination you can achieve anything in life.

Best Stories to Children’s

  • Ouch and Moo (Ages 3+)


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  • Moustache Man (Ages 4+)

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  • Glum Peacock (Ages 9+)

Image Source: Live Mint
  • Haroun and the Sea of Stories (Ages 10-13)

Image Source: simonandschuster
  • Haroun and the Sea of Stories (Ages 10-13)

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