HSCAP Online Application is the Way to go for those seeking Vacancies at Secondary Schools

HSCAP Online Application

Secondary school placement is one of the sources of headaches especially when your secondary school results are out. Have you been wondering how to choose and apply for your desired school as well as desired courses? If yes, then someone must have told you about HSCAP.

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If not, then you are lucky because, through this article, you will get to get an answer to your question, “what is HSCAP?” You might have heard about HSCAP but you might have never taken time to sit back and think about what it actually is. The first step of using this online resource is that you will first register with HSCAP and then you will be ready to check on those schools you want and then apply for them.

More about HSCAP online application

It is a fact that most of the HSCAP services are basically online. In order to cater for admission needs for first-year secondary students, the government of Kerala has enhanced HSCAP online application. Someone will ask me why online application? There are a number of reasons why HSCAP online application for placement in a secondary school is very important. The first thing about HSCAP online application is that it is very efficient. Think of those days that you were expected to present your hard copies application to a placement agency mandated by the government to do such secondary placements.

HSCAP admission
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Secondly, through HSCAP online application you will have an opportunity to view all available secondary schools then counter check against your points if you are eligible. The next thing that you need to do as soon as you have open and account with HSCAP online platform is applying for those schools. After applying through the HSCAP online application, the next thing that you need to do is just wait for you to be placed in a secondary school of your choice. That is the benefit of VHSECAP that has made things easier for applicants to enroll in courses of their choice in secondary school.

People are happy with HSCAP admission

After you have applied through the HSCAP online application, the next thing o the next process will be counseling, then selection and the final process will be seat allotment. To check the status of your application all you need to do is log into your online HSCAP account in the HSCAP official website then go ahead and check if your name appear as one of those successful candidates.

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The good thing about HSECAP Kerala is that it gives on the opportunity to be admitted for that course and secondary school of their choice. This is something that you need not miss for anything. Students at Kerala have a reason to smile now because through the HSECAP Kerala, they are now able to do the choosing of schools by just registering, going through schools of their choices and then waiting for placements at any given time.

Is HSCAP and HSECAP in Kerala reliable? The answer here is that it is reliable. You need to trust this site as it is mandated by Kerala Government to do so.

Official Website : http://hscap.kerala.gov.in/


State Processing Centre : 0471 2529857, 0471 2529856, 0471 2529855
Help Desk at Directorate : 0471 2323198
Address for all Single Window Admission Related Communications:
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ICT Cell (HSE),
State Project Office, IT@School,
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