Patta Chita is the most Efficient Way to Transfer Land/Property and Check Land Title Status

Patta Chita  –பட்ட சிட்டி

Sometimes owning land may seem a difficult thing or exercise but thanks to the government of Tamil Nadu for developing or adopting an online kind of Patta Chitta. However, The important for you to be aware of online patta. Let’s start at looking at Patta. Online Patta can be described as a government records which contains information regarding land ownership as well as the information of the owner himself.

Patta document
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Some of the information you will find in the Patta document include the size of land, location and other survey details. Online patta has therefore made it possible for an individual to access this information online without necessarily visiting a land registry office.Online patta is concernedOn the other hand, you need to be aware of the online chitta as well.

Patta Chitta Tamil Nadu

Patta Chitta Online
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Chitta is also a government document which records all information related to fixed properties such as land and permanent houses.Maintained by the local administrative official. Chitta also provides information relating to how the land looks like for example, it can describe a piece of land as nanjai (land with water bodies) and Punjai (dry land).

How do we apply for Patta Online?

TN Patta can be accessed through the TN government databases. However, since it is an online application, you need to follow a number of steps when applying for a Patta online. The first step that you need to find the Patta Chitta website.Tamil and English; choose the language that you are comfortable with.

Patta Chitta Tamil Nadu
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The second step to selecting the “View Patta and FMB/Chitta/TSLR Extract” tab. Therefore, directed to Land records e-services. This is where you will fill the details of your land such as District, Block, ward, Village and Taluk. You also need to enter the survey number, subdivision number and the authentication value.

With Patta Chitta Online, you can transfer ownership

Did you know that you can transfer land and fixed property ownership through the online patta and online chitta? Yes, with Patta Chitta Tamil Nadu online, you can able to access the TN government website and express your wish to transfer ownership. To transfer ownership, here simple step to do so.

The first step that you need to download a Patta Transfer Application form. After that, you need to fill in the details in the empty sections. Some of the documents you need so as to do such a transfer include a signed patta transfer application. Sales agreement, encumbrance certificate and the most recent property tax receipt. Your application verdict will be out within 14 days and if you have any difficulties, always consult the India Filling support desk.

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