Council of Architecture – CoA

Council of Architecture

Council of Architecture – CoA, came into existence in the year 1972, September 1 by the Union government under the Architects Act,1972. The Government of India also mentioned some rules to the CoA to maintain and regularize them. CoA comes under the Control of the Ministry of Human Resource Development(MHRD).

Council of Architecture
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The Responsibility of CoA

Its Main responsibility is to regulate education and also Practice the professions besides the maintaining of Registered Architects.

Purpose Of  Council of Architecture

If any member desired to become an Architect. Firstly, they must have the required qualification to register with the COA. Then the Council gives the practice for the Profession of Architecture. After the Completion of Practice, they provide the person Registration certificate, title and also the style of Architect.

Committees of Council of Architecture

The Committees of CoA are

Statutory Committee

The Statutory committee of CoA consists of  Executive Committee and the Disciplinary Committee. The Executive committee functions according to the rules and regulations of the CoA, it will be managing the financial and the developing system of the CoA.

Council of Architecture
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Disciplinary committee functions if any complaints raised against the rules of Architects Act, then they will be performing enquiries and take certain actions for misbehaving or misusing of the Architect.


Admission Committee

Which is used to take registrations of the Architect according to the Architects Act, 1972.

Online Services

CoA provides Online services for

  • Instructions for Online submissions of Registration Forms
  • Registration instructions.
  • Register online
  • Apply for Login for Registered Architect.
  • Instructions for Online services for registered Architects.
  • Fee Renew details.

CoA – Training and Research Centers(TRC) & Events

Council of Architecture has its Training centers at,

Training and research center, Bhubaneshwar.

Training and research center, Pune.

CoA conducts events like Thesis Awards Program and CoA Heritage Awards.

NATA – National Aptitude Test in Architecture

NATA is Conducted by the COA, the purpose of it is to make admission into the CoA by the single scheme of  Examination from the Country to directly give admissions into the CoA.

National Aptitude test in Architecture
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It measures the student’s ability, critical thinking and their skills and also their performances during the drawing by the Aptitude Test.


CoA gives their notifications about the circulars and events and also the Public Notices in the official Website.

Tenders of CoA

Every year Council of Architecture Announces Tenders for the Required Feilds. You can easily know the Tenders announced by the CoA by visiting the Official Web portal of CoA.

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Official Website

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