All you need to know about Martin Luther    

Who is Martin Luther?

If you want to know who is Martin Luther, and his early life, his education, family, significant works, and Martin Luther reformation, then you are on the right place.

Martin Luther was a German composer, monk, professor of theology, a priest, and a central figure in the Protestant Reformation. He was born in the year 1483, on 10th November in Eisleben. How did Martin Luther die? Read the complete article to know that.

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Education of Martin Luther

Martin was the first child of his parents Hans Luder and Margarethe. His father’s wish was to see him become a successful lawyer. So, he sent his son to several law schools. In 1501, when Martin Luther was 17 years old, he joined the University of Erfurt. In 1505, he got his master’s degree. He could not become a lawyer to please his father as he felt law resembled uncertainty.

Where did Martin Luther live at that time?

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He used to stay in Mansfeld with his family.

Philosophy and theology were the subjects that interested him. Jodocus Trutfetter and Bartholomaeus Arnoldi von Usingen were two of his favorite tutors. Martin Luther told his father that divine judgment and death terrified him. So, he chose to become nothing but a monk, and with this aim, he joined Erfurt’s St. Augustine Monastery in 1505, on 17th July. Thus, his training began. He prayed for long hours, fasted frequently, devoted himself to confession, and pilgrimage.

Martin Luther’s family

You already know the names of Martin Luther’s parents. His wife was Katharina von Bora. She was one of those 12 nuns whom he helped to flee from the infamous Nimbschen Cistercian convent. When they decided to marry in 1525, Martin Luther’s age was 41 and Katharina’s age was 26. His wedding was a significant event as very few monks used to marry at that time. The names of his children were Hans (Johannes), Martin, Margarethe, Elisabeth, Paul, and Magdalena.

Some more information about Martin Luther

When we are talking about Martin Luther, Reformation is one word that frequently comes to our mind. Martin Luther was a significant figure in the famous Protestant Reformation. The reason behind that was he rejected various practices and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

You already know where Martin Luther used to live. Now, let us tell you something about his health. The Martin Luther biography is incomplete without describing how his health was. He had suffered for years because of ill health that included vertigo, tinnitus, eye cataract, fainting, and Meniere’s disease. In between 1531 and 1546, Luther’s health became poorer. He had arthritis, gall bladder, and kidney stones, ear infection and several other problems. He became harsh and short-tempered because of his deteriorating health as per as to his wife.

In 1546, on 15th February, Martin Luther delivered the last sermon of his life at Eisleben. Three days after that, he breathed his last.

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The most important works by Martin Luther

The Martin Luther biography is incomplete without mentioning his notable works. Here is a list of his best works:

  • On the Bondage of the Will
  • Luther’s Small Catechism
  • Ninety-five Theses
  • On the Freedom of a Christian
  • Luther’s Large Catechism

When, where and how did Martin Luther die?

Martin Luther died when he was 62. It happened on 18th February 1546 at the same place where he was born, that is, Elseben which belonged to the Holy Roman Empire.

After reading this article, you have a clear idea about him and his achievements as a priest, a professor, and a theologian.