You can Now Easily Check your Employee PF Balance Online

 Check your Employee PF Balance Online 

If you are a citizen of India, you have a reason to smile basically because, with the modern inline systems, you can now efficiently and quickly check you’re Provident Funds. If you are an employee, then I believe that you have been looking for a way to access your employee account and check PF balance. This brings us to the query, “How to check Employee Provident Fund balance”. Whenever we have an urge to check our PF balance, what we need to do is do an EPFO balance inquiry. How can we, therefore, check out PF balance online? Here is how you go about checking your PF balance.

 Check your Employee PF Balance Online 
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Register with UAN platform/portal

Before you do anything, in order to check your PF balance online, you need to register with UAN. This is a unified portal and this is where both the employer and the employee associate. The UAN (Unified Account Number) is basically a place where you will identify yourself before checking your PF balance. As soon as you are granted access to UAN, then you are good to advance to the next step.

EPF balance Passbook
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The second step is to check your PF balance using the PF balance check with UAN number. Here you will enter your UAN number then you will be able to view your PF balance instantly. There are three important steps that you should always follow when checking your PF balance. The first step is that you need to visit passbook.epfindia.gov. The second step is providing your UAN number and password. Here you will be required to fill a CAPTCHA so as to prove that you are a human being. The last step is logging in to your PF account. At the unified portal, your PF balance will be shown. There, you will have seen your PF balance.

It is also possible to check your balance through EPF balance Passbook

Register with UAN platform
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There are a number of services that you can always get from other EPFO services that are run by various modern applications. With the Employee centric Services, it is now possible to access you EP balance passbook. With the passbook, you will be allowed to do any transaction from your employee account and this is what has made many individuals happy about these online systems. Far from just accessing EPF balance, EPFO also allows you to view other components such as the EPF passbook, you can as well raise you to claim, and you can track all your PF claims.

The efficiency of PF balance check online

PF balance check online
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It is now very easy to do a PF balance check online even from the comfort of your home as long as you are connected with reliable internet. Unlike the earlier times when employees and employers in India had to visit an office just to check and handle issues related to PF balances, it is now possible to check PF balances just by the touch of a finger. If you have been wondering how to go about doing your EPFO balance inquiry, you now have an idea of what to do.

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