ICPR- Indian Council of Philosophical Research

Indian Council of Philosophical Research

ICPR – Indian Council of Philosophical Research, is an apex body in the Ministry of Human Resource Development. ICPR comes under the  Department of Higher Education(DHE) and also the Ministry of Human Resource Development(MHRD), which was established in the year 1977, March. But it came into action in the year 1981, July.

Indian council of Philosophival research
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Members of the ICPR

The Members of the ICPR are Philosophers, Representatives of UGC, and also the social Scientists, Indian Council of Social Science Research, ICHR, and  Indian National Science Academy, and the Government of Uttar Pradesh and the Central Government.

members of ICPR
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The Authorities of the ICPR are

  • Research Project Committee(RPC)
  • The Governing Body(GB)

The Funding/ Finance of ICPR

The funds of the Council are

  1.  Grants made by the Government of India for the furtherance of the objects of the Council.
  2.  Contributions from other sources.
  3. Receipts of the Council from other sources.
  4.  Gifts, donations, benefactions, bequests or other transfers and also,
  5. Income from the assets of the Council.

Objectives of ICPR

The main objective of ICPR is to Establish, Administer and Manage.

The following are the objectives of ICPR,

  1. Firstly, On regular Basis, it reviews the progress of research of the Philosophy.
    Coordinate research activities and encourage interdisciplinary Research.
  2. Sponsor or assist projects or programs of research in philosophy.
  3. Provide financial support and assistance to institutions and organizations engaged in the conduct of research on philosophy.
  4. Organize and support institutional or other arrangements for training in research methodology.
  5. Encourages teaching and Research in Philosophy, and
  6. Promote collaboration in research between Indian philosophers and international philosophical institutes and even more.

Scholarships and fellowships

The main objective of Fellowship scheme is to provide an opportunity to the scholars so that they can engage themselves in research and performs well.

ICPR Fellowship
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ICPR involves the scholars in many areas for the Research so that they can promote themselves on a full-time basis, and also they can perform research on their choice.

Library In ICPR

Library of ICPR consists of almost 30000 Books and also every year it subscribes 107 Journals and also gets 27 journals on the exchange basis.

icpr library

Recruitment in ICPR

Indian Council of Philosophical Research, recruits the members for the various post.And by giving an opportunity to the skilled one by conducting exams. ICPR firstly issues notification for the vacancy post in the website and also for the press.


Every year they will conduct tenders for various equipment needed for the council by giving the announcement.

Contact us:

Address: ICPR Office, Delhi.
Darshan Bhawan 36,
Tughlakabad Institutional area,
                    Mehrauli Badarpur 
New Delhi – 110 062
 Phone No: 91 11 2990 1516, 2990 1527, 2990 1506
Fax: +91-11- 2996 4750
Website: http://icpr.in/index.html
E-mail:   seminar.icpr@gmail.com,


icpr@bol.net.in ,


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