Indian Council of Social Science Research

ICSSR – Indian Council of Social Science Research

ICSSR stands for Indian Council of Social Science Research, which has established in the year 1969 to promote Research in Social sciences in India.

Indian council of social sciences research
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Aims of ICSSR

  1. Review the progress of social science research and give advice to its users,
  2.  scholarships and fellowships for research in social sciences,
  3. Develop and support centers for documentation services
  4. Co-ordinate research activities and also to encourage programmes research,
  5. To Give financial support to institutions, associations, and journals engaged in social science research,

ICSSR Committee & Members


ICSSR Council consists of 26 members of three years term, the chairman and the 18 other members are appointed by the government of India and remaining 6 representatives are from Department of Education, Ministry of Finance, Ministry Of Social welfare.


The Committees of ICSSR are :

  1. Planning and Administration Committee (PAC)
    This Committee is to look after the financial, administration, rules and Regulations and also the orders of the council.
  2.  Research Institutes Committee (RIC)
  3.  Research Committee (RC)
    RIC is to maintain and also to sanction the Grants for the Research Projects and proposals.


The Memorandum of Association rules and regulations, the ICSSR Must follow the all the rules mentioned in the MOA without any Failure and should Perform The actions according to it.

ICSSR Fellowships

The main Objective of the scheme to make the Scholars to be engaged in the Research for full time on their choice and also to support the Doctoral students to pursue and complete their research.

icssr Fellowships
icssr Fellowships

Types of Fellowships

  1. National Fellowships
    This type of Fellowship is provided to the retired Scientists and so that they can continue their research and work.
  2. Doctoral Fellowships
    This type of Fellowships provided to the students who are below the age 40 and must have the Masters degree from the recognized university with the merit.
  3. Senior Fellowships
    The Senior fellowship, given to the scientist between the age group 45-70 and must have the Ph.D. on their research work.
  4. Post- Doctoral Fellowships
    This type of fellowship is given to the Socialresearches who have completed the Ph.D. in the social sciences on time and must be desired to work on the given theme. And also they must be below the age 45.

NASSDOC – National Social Science Documentation Center

NASSDOC- Established in the year 1977 in ICSSR, to provide Library and Information services to the Social researches in the ICSSR.

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It Provides Publications, sales and distribution and also Current awareness services.

ICSSR Recruitment

Icssr Recruits members every year on the basis of age and qualification on different sectors of the concil. You can know the recruitment details on the official website of ICSSR.

ICSSR recruitment
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Contact Us

Indian Council of Social Science Research

Address: JNU Institutional Area, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg,
Pincode: New Delhi – 110067 (INDIA),
Phone No: 91-11-26741849/50/51 (EPABX),
Fax: 91-11-26741836.













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