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Netmeds, India Ki Pharmacy, is brought to you by the Dadha & Company one of India’s most trusted pharmacies, with over 100 years experience in dispensing quality medicines.

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At netmeds, we help you look after your own health effortlessly as well as take care of loved ones wherever they may reside in India. You can buy and send medicines from any corner of the country – with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Netmeds offers you best discounts on the purchase of online medicine

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The online marketing journey of Netmeds has begun with prescription medicines. They established their first office in Chennai, India. This one is a privately held company, and it is controlled by Pradeep Dadha Group of Companies. They own it. Orbimed and MAPE Advisory Group are the chief investors in this company. Netmeds has set a new dimension in the online pharmaceutical industry.

netmed introduction
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Customers can easily transfer the medicines anywhere in India without worrying about medicine prescription laws. That is why this outstanding company has won so many awards. The prestigious NDTV Unicorn Startup Award is also received by them.

They are one of the most disruptive startups in India and known for their continuous path-breaking achievements. OrbiMed, one of their chief investors, has provided Rs. 324 crore funding to them.

Apart from that, they also received funds from M Ramprasad and OrbiMeds Sunny Sharma. Netmeds have an accomplished team of pharmacists. Total 15 members are there.

They fulfill the challenging job of online prescriptions selling and also delivering medicines after reviewing each of them accurately. And the best thing is this company is going to serve better logistics systems and also various warehousing facilities.

This is done to grow and establish this company as a pharma provider. These facilities will be available in different tier 1, to tier 3 cities. If you choose Netmeds, you can even save a lot on medical bills. This company allows patients to choose low-cost alternative medicines instead of the most expensive drugs.

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A web portal is also provided for the patient’s help. You’ll get all the information about any drug on that particular web portal. Apart from that, OTC beauty and health products are also sold by Netmeds. In short, they can cater all your medical requirements. Netmeds recently launched a great e-wallet system. It is known as Netmeds cash.

Netmeds offers various discounts. Additionally, if you use their e-wallet system, you can utilize Netmeds Cash Offer too. To utilize the benefits of Netmeds coupons, you just have to log in to Meramaal Offers, and then you need to check the promo code of Netmeds.

Then you’ll get a button called Grab Deal. And with just one click your medical bills will be convenient as well as cost effective.

Buy excellent Quality Medicines with discounts from Netmeds

Netmeds is also known as “India Ki Pharmacy” as this one is India’s one of the largest online pharmacies. The utmost motto of them is your health. So Netmeds offers the most quality medicines at the most reasonable price range. Along with that, it will be delivered directly to your doorstep.

netmed discounts
netmed discounts

And the best thing is if you purchase it with Netmeds coupons you’ll receive extra cash back. These coupons are available on Meramaal Offers. Netmeds offers you the best products in the cheapest price range.

Check out the Cashback Deals and Netmeds Coupon Codes of January 2018

Netmed cashback
Netmed cashback

• When you purchase medicines, you’ll get flat 20% off. And if you do it from Meramaal Offers, it’ll give you 15% Cashback from Meramaal.
• If you purchase Prescription Drugs, you’ll get flat 15% off. And if you do it from Meramaal Offers, it’ll give you 15% Cashback from Meramaal.
• Now  you purchase Non-prescription Drugs, you’ll get flat 10% off. And if you do it from Meramaal Offers, it’ll give you 15% Cashback from Meramaal.
•  you purchase any other product, you’ll get flat 10% off. And if you do it from Meramaal Offers, it’ll give you 15% Cashback from Meramaal.

Get exclusive discounts using Netmeds coupons

• At first visit Meramaal Offers. Then you’ll find a Netmeds offer.
• Next, you need to click on the Grab the Deal button and copy the provided Netmeds coupon code.
• Then you can start browsing the Netmeds mobile app or site to choose your desired product. You need hit the “Checkout” tab, or you can simply upload your prescription. It will redirect you to the Shopping Cart page.
• Here you’ll get a field called Enter Promo Code. You need to enter the promo code there and click on “Apply”. You’ll get your discounted price.

Netmeds cashback
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• you need to select your checkout option. It will redirect you to the payment page.
• There you need to enter your personal information as well as the suitable mode of transaction. After that hit the Pay now button.
• Netmeds Mobikwik or Paytm voucher codes will be founded in the Payment section although the availability of these wallet offers is variable. However, Meramaal Offers gives you the priority to find any offer related to Netmeds Mobikwik or Paytm.

Get introduced to Netmeds Cash Offer

The recent e-wallet launched by accommodated with wonderful features. Here customers store money as Netmeds cash. You can use it while doing any transition in future on Netmeds.

Various additional offers are given by Netmeds. You can get extra cash back out of it. In Meramaal Offers, you’ll find everything, from the Netmeds cash coupons to all other cashback offers.

Netmeds Promo Code – shop health products at a discounted price

• Getting a discount on prescribed medicines is too challenging. But now, you can get the best deals even from the best manufacturers. For example, Ranbaxy or Pfizer.
• Netmeds promo code can be used to purchase any personal care product such as eye care, lip care, cosmetics and a lot more.
• Diabetes is an issue which is increasing on a daily basis. Netmeds offers a section for diabetes. Here you’ll get everything from the nutrition to food, beverages and other supplements for diabetics.

And the best thing is, with the help of this outstanding online store, you can purchase wellness products to Intimate Care without wasting your time standing in long queues.
Netmeds also sometimes recognized as Net meds. People sometimes search for Net meds coupons and Net meds offers. But you need to keep in mind that the right phrase is Netmeds. And the best place to search for Netmeds products and offers Meramaal Offers.
For blood checkups or any health tests, you can rely on the packages offered by the Indian Health Organisation. They offer the best packages for blood checkups at home because they associated with the Thyrocare too. So using Thyrocare, you can avail discount on every health checkup. It includes 84 blood checkups and 6 tests.

Meramaal Offers offers the best Netmeds Cashback

You can save money quite easily while purchasing medicines online on Netmeds. You can collect the reward point on every purchase. After getting 500 reward points, you can use them to get more useful products. So we recommend buying with Meramaal Offers.

netmed cashback
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You’ll surely get excellent Cashback offers with exciting Netmeds discounts. Online medicine shopping is much easier now with Netmeds because you can get more exciting deals at Meramaal Offers with 1mg coupons. With the help of these coupons, you can save a lot more at the time of health test and purchasing packages.

Key features of India Ki Pharmacy, Netmeds

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• Netmeds owned by Pradeep Dadha Group. It established in the year 2015 to simplify the method of obtaining medicines. The parent company established in 914, near about 100 years ago. Till then they are serving the best services. Here you’ll get medicines at the most affordable price range.
• The medicines will delivered in all major cities of India along with the rural areas. If you want to track your order, you just need to visit the site, or you can simply download the app of Netmeds.
• If you download the app of Netmeds, you can access the online store too. Meramaal Offers also holds Netmeds offers. The billing amount will be lower if it done through Netmeds app. The contact number of Netmeds id 1800-103-0304.
• All the payment options are available such as Visa, RuPay Mastercard, or American Express cards. So you can pay here conveniently. You can utilize the cash on delivery option too.

If you log in through Meramaal Offers, you can get Netmeds Paytm offers. Keep in mind that Meramaal Offers sknown to be one of the greatest coupons sites in India.

Save your money while purchasing online medicine

• Meramaal Offers  associated with over 1500 retailers. So you’ll find everything, and also you can save money while purchasing.
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