10 Best IMAX Theatres in India

Best IMAX Theatres in India

Don’t just go to the movies while you are vacationing in India. You can take the best larger than life experience here in the top 10 IMAX theatres in India. These places are perfect for family outings. There are a wide number of films are playing constantly at several locations and cities of India and all of them offers a state-of-art sound system with an enormous screen. For both the travelers and the residents of the cities, these theatres are really the best places to get the best of movie watching experience.

top 10 IMAX theatres in India
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I-max has signed up the new agreements recently with the two eminent cinema chains of India, Cinepolis and INOX.  Now there are many IMAX cinema halls in India.


IMAX theatre
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This is a 3D cinema hall in Bangalore in the PVR mall. It brings out the best movie watching experience. This IMAX theatre is within a big shopping mall that means the place allows you to get the best foods, dresses and more in one place.

Prasads IMAX, Hyderabad

Prasads IMAX in Hyderabad
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This is large centrally air-conditioned IMAX with a huge area of 2, 35,000 sq ft. This place houses a big six-screen multiplex, movie theatre, shopping mall, various renowned food outlets and also the gaming zones for the kids. This IMAX comes with 92 x 75 ft massive screen and 12000-watt excellent level sound system. This is a 3D theatre.

Gujarat IMAX 3D theatre 

Gujarat IMAX 3D theatre 
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Science city in Ahmadabad has a great IMAX 3D theatre with an excellent sound system and large screen. This theatre is a government initiative and showcased only the special science shows. It not only has a bigger screen but innovative systems to give exclusive experience to the viewers WITH 15/70 SCREEN.

IMAX Wadala

IMAX Wadala
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If you are looking for high-quality experience in your movie theatre then this IMAX in Mumbai can give you surely the larger than life experience with its large screen, high-quality couches and brilliant Dolby sound system.

Jazz IMAX in Chennai

Jazz IMAX in Chennai
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Another premium level of IMAX that ready to give you a lifetime experience is surely Jazz IMAX. If you are watching the heavy action films or animation film, then a larger screen with the 3D feature can give you power-packed experience.


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This is another high-quality IMAX in Chennai and located at Velachery main road.

IMAX in Delhi NCR

IMAX in Delhi NCR
IMAX in Delhi NCR

This is digital IMAX movie theatre with 3D facility and located at Saket of Delhi. This is one of the best IMAX theatres in Delhi and gives an amazing experience to the viewers.

INOX IMAX in South City mall Kolkata

INOX IMAX in South City mall Kolkata
INOX IMAX in South City mall Kolkata

Kolkata has got one of the best IMAX Theatres in India. This one comes with 1.89:1 and 1.43:1 ratio screen. This 3D digital hall gives an amazing experience to the viewers. As it is located in a big shopping mall, one can enjoy shopping, eating and more. 51FT width with 27ft height this movieplex can give you the most innovative experience in addition with IMAX audio. It has a total of 257 seating capacity.

Cinepolis in Pune

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This excellent movie theatre is at Aundh, Pune. Exceptional picture quality and the high-end sound are the best USP of this IMAX.

PVR Superplex-IMAX

IMAX in Mumbai
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Delhi got the best IMAX theatres and PVR superplex is one of them. With luxurious sitting arrangements and exceptional screen, this movie theatre is really the one to explore.

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