Industry Buying

Industry Buying

What is Industry Buying?

With the development of society, man has changed his habit a lot. Now human beings are very much dependent on the internet. For every small requirement, they don’t waste time by standing in a queue to purchase something. With just one touch in their mobile, they can get the product at home.

Industry Buying
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Industry Buying is also an online store which is ready to serve its customers interested in industrial buying. Mainly industrial tools, lab equipment, and small machinery are available here. It is an excellent opportunity for the small-scale industries for industrial buying and to purchase the products online. It was first launched in 2013.


Industry Buying owners
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The names of its owners are Mr. Rahul Gupta and Mrs. Swati Gupta. They started the business with a very nominal capital in their hands, but now they have established the company and earning a reasonable profit. The concept of E-commerce was not so familiar that time in Indian business. This brand was the first to introduce E-commerce to the Indian industrial zone.

To Shop Online at Industry Buying : 

The products available here:

You might have some confusion regarding the products available here. To give you a clear idea here is the list of all items. color your house, you can get paints from all the renowned brands. To decorate your house, you can get all kinds of LED lights especially the LED tube lights you can get here at a very low cost.

Industry Buying products

All the small tools including welding tools are available here. You can get hydraulics also. Different types of lab equipment and machinery are also available in this online store. People get surprised when they are introduced to the solar panel price here. You can choose the best product which is suitable for you from a vast range of different products.

Unique features of the store:

This sore is having a vast variety of quality products. Industry Buying is connected with almost 5000 vendors who all are supplying the products in more than 40 categories. Now you don’t have to search different shopping sites to get various items; Industrial Buying is offering you all the industrial products together in the same shop.

Industrybuying Raises
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You have to choose your product among more than 6 lakh units to keep the stock. You can avail products from more than 3700 brands with their unique collections. Some of the favourite names include Su-Kam, Kirloskar, Canon, Crompton Greaves, Bosch, Karam, RS Pro etc. If you are going to buy products in bulk as industrial buying, you can get the opportunity to get huge discounts.

It is a good business strategy for the company to sell more products. Customers are also getting benefitted by this offer. There is an excellent opportunity for the customers to buy the products in installments. Purchasing products on credit is a unique feature for any online store. Industry Buying is the first one to give this kind of offers to its customers for industrial buying, and their interest rates are also very nominal.

How to get the cash back offers:

Industrial Buying is giving to chance to get the cash back. To get the cashback offer you just have to follow few simple steps.

industry Buying
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  • The first step is you have to log on to the website Meramaal.
  • You will get a search box on the page of that site. You have to write Industry Buying in that particular search box.
  • After pressing the enter button, you will have a list of offers and industry buying coupons on the page. You just have to select your desired offer or the best industry buying coupons to get an exclusive deal.
  • After choosing a suitable offer you have to click the active button.
  • Then you have to select the button on which it is written Visit Retailer. After going to the site of the retailer, you can apply your code of industry buying coupons to get the discount.
  • The cash back amount will be credited to your Meramaal account within three working days. So don’t miss the chance to get the cashback offers. Start shopping now through Meramaal.

About the competitors:

Whenever you are doing something right, you have to face fierce competition. Industry Buying is a new company. Lots of other companies are already available to give them an intense competition in the market. The companies which are giving the most competition to this company are Tolexo and SafetyKart.

To establish the business and to earn profit Industrial Buying has to impress its customers. Thus they are giving exciting offers which can satisfy the taste of the customers along with savings. Still, no one can compete with the solar panel price here.

They have already collected about 10 million dollars from its investors in 2017. The names of their investors are SAIF Partners, Bee next and also Kalaari Capital.

Return policies and shipping:

You don’t have to worry about the punctuality of this company regarding delivery of products. The order will be delivered to you within seven days from the date placed the order. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of the product, you can also return it. You have to replace the product within one week. Your money will be credited to your account within seven working days. You can also cancel the order, but once it shipped, you can’t cancel. If you ordered the product through EMI system, then it can take more than 7days to refund. Industrial buying is now a straightforward process.

Help Desk:

If you have any doubts or quarries or even any complaints regarding the broken LED tube light you received, you can contact the customer care service desk. This desk is available 24 hours to help you regarding any problem related to this website. You can call them by dialing 1800-300-26150. You can also send them mail by expressing your worry. Their email id is –

Payment options:

They are offering you different modes of payment. You can use your credit/Debit card while shopping. The net banking facility is also available. You can also pay by Cheque/DD. COD system is also there to make your shopping hassle-free if you are not comfortable with the online transaction.

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customer care number: 1800-300-09551

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