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We at Meramaal provide you with information regarding hotels. We aim to bring the lowest prices for you in case of bookings that are at the last minute. You will get a wide range of options here. Whether you are looking for luxurious modern accommodations or traditional homestays, boutique apartments or favourite brands – we are ready with the best solutions for you. If you want your vacation to a travel destination not to be extravagant, we are here to solve your problem.

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We have a satisfying list of cheap hotels for you to celebrate your holiday as well as save your valuable money. If you are looking for luxury hotels where you can enjoy your vacation like a king, one look at our selection of 5-star perfect hotels will surely sweep you off your feet. You can even pamper yourself during your holidays. The spa parlours in these top Best hotels are going to give you the best, peaceful vacation of your life –something that you are bound to cherish for years.

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What are the reasons for which you should consider booking hotels with us?

If you suddenly plan a trip, at the last minute, you will find that the rates are quite high in top hotels. We, aim to give you the best last minute hotel deals so that you can enjoy your stay in that hotel at an affordable price. If you make the booking for any hotel room via us, you can be assured to get a satisfying, cheap deal, owing to the Price Match Guarantee that we offer. With us, you will get ample offers for saving more in each booking.

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Moreover, if you can find a better place to stay at a cheaper rate on any other website in the UK within one day, you will be given various amounts by us. Remember that in this respect, conditions always apply. Choosing from our list of most liked secret hotels you will end up spending your precious night in a fantastic room in a beautiful hotel. The best thing is you can pay half or one-third of the original price or what any regular customer will have to pay for the same room in the same hotel. With the help of the promo codes given by us, you will get plenty of options for last minute hotels that too at the fantastic discount price range.

Best hotel destinations


Manchester has made its place in the list of the top most exciting and vibrant cities in the UK. There are a plethora of exciting, crazy experiences waiting with open arms for you. You can enjoy the night partying on the famous Canal Street, or you can go for a blind date at the coolest Old Trafford. All of this can be possible by booking rooms in Manchester with us. Plenty of options are available if you want to book last minute hotels. If you wish to book rooms close to the airport in Manchester, you will get it quickly and at a reasonable price.


It will be fantastic to witness the historical icons in London, such as St Paul’s and Big Ben. Among latest, new tourist attractions, mention must be made of The Shard, the London Eye and many more. To be a part of all these, we bring for you an attractive list of cheap hotels in London. We have hotel rooms for you anywhere and almost everywhere in the historic city.

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In the East End, you can enjoy your time with the fun-loving hipsters, and in the far West End, you’ll find the great shows to be watched. Won’t you like to save some of your hard earned money to be spent in the attractive stores of Oxford Street as well as Knightsbridge? So, hurry up! What are you waiting for? Browse through our list of cheap hotels and affordable accommodation options in London.

Our last minute hotel deals will indeed be beneficial for you. On the other hand, if you wish to visit those places where you’ll find various celebrities crowd, browse through our list of extravagant hotels in the town and get ready to be pampered in the best possible ways. Meramaal will always be there for you.


Allow us to find the best last minute hotel deals in Amsterdam for you. One of the most liked tourist destinations in the entire continent of Europe is definitely Amsterdam. There are ample reasons why tourists from all over the world love to go to Amsterdam.

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last minute Deals

The city has uncountable delightful experiences which you’ll love to cherish. Shopping at the extraordinarily beautiful flower market, enjoying walks with your dear ones by Amsterdam’s picture-perfect canals – all of these are once in a lifetime experiences.

For the lovers of history, the city also has enough historic attractions such as Rijksmuseum, the magnificent Anne Frank House and many more. Be a part of the rare culture of this city in style and in comfort. We can offer you the best cheap hotels in Amsterdam.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. How to proceed with a booking?

Choose a destination and enter the arrival and departure dates. Then choose the type of room you prefer. Based on your search criteria, you will be shown the hotels available at Meramaal.

  1. Can the booking that I have done for a hotel be cancelled?

Policies of refund differ from hotel to hotel. Some hotels do not refund the fees in case the booking cancelled as it is against their business policy. It is something that is beyond the control of Meramaal.

Please keep in mind that for a specific type of room, the fees charged by the hotels are not refundable, right from the time you make your booking. Moreover, if you cancel the reservation within 48 to 24 hours, the cancellation fee usually goes up.

Rules are subject to change. So, we would request you to go through the rules before proceeding with your booking. At the time of completion of the booking, rules will be mentioned on the page of the website.

     Feel free to contact the Customer Care of for canceling the booking.

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You can make the payment quickly with the help of credit and debit cards. After the booking , the money will immediately charged from your credit card or debit card account.


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